West Papuan decision shows importance of independent system

News has just come through that the 43rd and final asylum seeker who arrived from West Papua in January has had his refugee claim approved by the Refugee Review Tribunal. You could not get a simpler example of why there has to be an independent mechanism to review decisions by the government to refuse refugee claims. This is precisely what asylum seekers have not had when they have been locked up in Nauru. I hope this provides the obvious reason for some Liberal Senators to knock back the government’s anti-refugee legislation, which is still sitting in the wings, which seeks to prevent more people from being able to access this independent review mechanism.

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  1. Marilyn, by falsifying people’s identities, DIMA should surely be held accountable – shouldn’t that be an illegal act in itself?

    And why should other countries accept a person that DIMA has forcibly removed from Australia and shoved on a plane with false documentation?

    DIMA should be held in contempt by the international community (I think we are not highly thought of anyway) and there should be pressure applied e.g. threat of sanctions etc.

    I’d love to see a squirming Howard explain that to the public.

  2. Despite the inmportance we attach to ourselves Deborah – the “international community” knows didley squat about good old OZ.

    I thought this story was about a perosn who travelled voluntarily

  3. Ken what do you mean travelled voluntarily. He was given the choice of a permanent life in Baxter or to go back to danger. Which would you choose when you had already been utterly dehumanised, beaten, tortured and locked up in jail for months on end without trial or charge and your choice was a lifetime of it or go home and have a quick death?

    There is nothing voluntary about any of the people who have left, they are forced to.

    Deborah you are right – under Australian law people can be sent to prison for people smuggling for 7-14 years.

    Making false documents carries a 5 year prison term yet DIMA seem to think they can do it without charge.

    Ken they pay bribes at the borders of other countries or in some cases the countries send the people back to us.

    Trafficking people for political advantage is a crime – yet DIMA even did it to Vivian Alvarez on the basis that some brain dead twerp in DIMA erroneously decided that she was a Philipino sex slave rather than an Australian citizen as she claimed over and over again.

  4. OK then get the story right. At the begining you said he left austrlai to go and see his sick mother – you never mentioned oine iota of the knwoldege that he was forced to go. Lets get the exact words, remebr these

    Eventually he was told that if he went back to Iran he could come back on spouse visa. So he went and his wife went with him before coming back after 6 months. He was tortured for 40 days so he escaped to Turkey where he was locked up and tortured again before he finally got refugee status from the UNHCR.

    He came back to Australia once last year but was so mentally ill that he went back to Turkey after a few months. Too many bad memories and too much mental damage done to this truly beautiful human soul.

    “Two weeks ago he came home again and I finally met him after knowing his wife and her anguish for all these years.”

    I am trying to find the word forced there – what forced each time he travelled.

    Then later we get at 31

    “Gee he went home because his mother was dying, spent 40 days being tortured in a Turkish prison and finally the UN said he was a refugee all along.

    Refugees are allowed to leave the bloody country you know, they are not our prisoners.”

    Still trying to find forcved in there dear old M.

    So if you want to be taken as a serious commentator and source of knowledge then get the story right. People can ony comment ont he basis of what is written. Anotehr F

  5. M
    i like to read your blogs you do have passion and commitment its to be commended
    as you have sead once before i pick up on the small things
    point one
    Trafficking people for political advantage is a crime – yet DIMA even did it to Vivian Alvarez on the basis that some brain dead twerp in DIMA erroneously decided that she was a Philipino sex slave rather than an Australian citizen as she claimed over and over again.

    i went o the trouble of obtaining and reading the ombasmans report. DEMA made a few stuff ups but when you have and use eight names it makes it a bit hard to pick the correct one.
    would you like a copy i have it here if you want it.

    point two, any one who is trying to get protection will always paint the blackest picture of there past as they can so you realy have to question what is sead to find the truth.

    im not picking on you just a few silly comments you make now and then.

  6. Thanks red, but it is proved over and over again that refugees don’t have to lie about their positions in their home countries, usually it is terrible enough.

    Lately we have seen over 5,000 Australian’s have to flee from the Lebanon due to Israeli bombing.

    We had the situation where passports had to be processed even when the person had a broad Australian accent. Cyprus, Syria and Jordan were accommodating of those refugees, they were not locked up or turned back to be bombed.

    However, in one case there was a baby. She had been adopted in Lebanon but was turned away by DIMA because the baby didn’t have a visa.

    What an absurdity that a baby who will now grow up in Australia couldn’t come to Australia or leave Lebanon and the Israeli bombing was disallowed by the same government that sent Vivian Alvarez out of the country with no papers or permission. Vivian was an Australian citizen.

    Out of the 5,000 Australian’s who had to become refugees the only one held back was a 10 month old baby, so they eventually gave her a tourist visa.

    I wonder where she will go touring?

  7. Wendy

    In relation to your comments ‘So why cant the red cross or someone teach them some English?’

    It’s cannot, not ‘cant’ Wendy. Red Cross begins with capital letters. Maybe you could do some brushing up on your English.

    ‘Someone’ is teaching them English Wendy. In fact, there are many ‘someones’ who contribute their time, voluntarily, teaching ‘them’ English. The many housewives that are being taught ESL do not appear to pose as a security concern.

  8. That was me Ken, not M.

    Yes can’t will do, but not cant.

    For those who use cant, it’s wise not to verbalise why ‘someone’ can’t (cannot) teach ‘them’ English.

  9. There is something deranged about the pedantics of some people.

    Parvis was a refugee who was locked up in Woomera for three years. He went insane during that time. He was married to an Australian woman and was told “you can get a visa but you have to go home to get one.”

    That is coercion. It was force because he didn’t want to put himself back into danger when some of his friends disappeared off the face of the earth after “agreeing” to go home.

    He had no travel documents, which is “forced” removal because DIMA were absolutely aware that he would be arrested, tortured and incarcerated again in Evin prison. Which he was.

    There was not one thing voluntary about his first forced removal – each other time he has left and come back is only because the UN forced us to give him legal travel documents instead of “removing” him without documents.

    Clear? We are talking about the removal of a christian man to the mad mullahs of Iran remember not a British person going home to his nice safe house.

  10. Just to clarify what Marilyn is talking about as I think there is some confusion – the man in question was refused a refugee visa by Australia. He was offered a spouse visa, but had to go offshore to apply (which is the way some spouse visas work – I’ve never been able to understand why)

    (I don’t know the case myself, I’m just going from what Marilyn said)

  11. Thansk for clearing that up – wonderful how a simple issue can be easiyl explained if its not overladen with a whole lot of emotive blatehr. I agree it seems an innapropriate process – no bdoubt put in place becasue someone took us for a ride in 1963, so its still in place now. Rather than the more fashionable conspiracy theoreies etc in place now, thats actually how bureacraceis work.

    Howver, I will accept the pedantic criticim, but people need to be held accountable for waht they publically proclaim – its simply the obverse of the old tell the lie oftne enough and people will evenetually believe it.

  12. Ken, “its simply the obverse of the old tell the lie oftne enough and people will evenetually believe it.”

    Well, it works for John Howard & his gang!

  13. Ken
    “…but people need to be held accountable for waht they publically proclaim”

    Hmmm, but those people don’t get held accountable for their lies (Howard & Co.) because people believe them and it reinforces their own prejudices/bias. Saying that Howard is held accountable at the next election is not really tackling him on lies and damned lies, no-one, not even the press, are publicly calling Him on the lies.

    Therefore Howard is seen as a man of great character and truth by some, not the pathological liar and racist that he really is.

    Maybe the party revolt on asylum seeker offshore processing will be more telling than it first seems – those decent people in his own party are saying that he stinks!

  14. Donna

    Its good that they allow people to teach them English.

    This may really upset you but we run AICOL.

    When I am posting I just type Aussie slang.

    I cant see any harm in that.

    Red Sorry I did not see your post on the other page. its waiting there for you.

    You know correct me if I am wrong but didnt Andrew say he was putting a stop to these personal attacks on people?

    Somebody posted that these people were refused English coaching.

    Anyway Donna what about the idea of putting up tendors for these places to be run by Australians instead of offshore contracts?

    Surley thats more important than picking on my slang.
    or isnt it?


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