Votes already cast before campaigns are ‘launched’

Voting already started at remote polling stations at the beginning of this week. People have also already started to cast pre-poll votes in every electorate around the country. 

It’s an odd situation when people have already started voting and the two major parties are still having their main launches and unveiling major policies. 

I’ve had two people tell me they’ve already voted for me – only about another 140 000 and I should be right! Of course the vast majority do still vote on polling day, and plenty of those are still to make up their mind, or are open to persuasion about how they should vote, especially when it comes to the Senate contest.  People hear very little from the media about the specific and separate importance of the Senate contest, so they are less likely to have devoted as much thought to it, compared to the Howard versus Rudd contest we’re bombarded with every day.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    I’m sorry I thought you realised I was joking when I said I’d already voted for you.. so I’m afraid you’re back to ONE :)

    Seriously though.. do you have any thoughts on the rorting of the travel entitlements during an election campaign in the period prior to the formal party launch? it seems quite brazen and contrived to have a launch so late.. perhaps just so that the travel can mostly be tax payer funded..

    Cheers, Duncan.

  2. Andrew Bartlett:
    Include mine and that’s 3 …. but you won’t get it until polling day. :D

    Hands up whoever else is fed up with the Presidential race between New Rudd and Old Rudd – or should that be New Howard and Old Howard?

    This whole media circus is entertainment, not politics, and it is making a mockery out of any claims Australia makes that it a “democracy” that other nations should emulate.

  3. Well, how about this? A guy I know who is running as an Independent in another electorate changed his “order of merit” only 1 or 2 weeks ago.

    I forgot to ask him what change he had made, but my money’s on him moving Family First DOWN the How to Vote card, after he found out they were preferencing Liberals.

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