Vote Obama, it’s good karma

One of the major things to assess after all the voting has been done in the USA will be just how big the impact has been of the Obama campaign’s widespread use of online campaigning techniques.  Even a casual user of the internet on the other side of the planet will have found it hard to avoid some sign of Obama’s presence.  I have been impressed by the efforts to try to activate and encourage supporters, rather than just advertise the candidate, as well as the creative and varied ways they’ve sought to do this.

If the invitations I’m getting on my Facebook page are any guide, there will be literally a million people whose Facebook status message on election day will be set to encourage people to get out and vote.  Seeing I can’t vote, I’ll just send out a message of encouragement to all those who can – with apologies to First Dog on the Moon – to vote Obama, it’s good karma.

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  1. This isn’t a very fair and balanced post. The Democrats are meant to be beholden to no one and independent of the two major parties.

    Andrew Bartlett is clearly in the Obama camp and he is not being fair and balanced to all U.S. presidential candidates.

  2. It’s taken you this long to figure out I support Obama?!

    You’ve spent so long failing to notice censorship and oppression by totalitarian regimes you’ve been failing to notice what I’ve been writing here.

  3. Living where you live I guess it is understandable that you have no clue about the freedoms that we here in the USA stand to have taken away from us if Obama wins. And your mention of Karma indicates to me that you are not a Christian and probably do not care about the murder of unborn babies. Just remember, it has been the Republican administrations that have come to the aid of backwards countries like yours so you stand to lose also. Our constitution was meant to be a living document but the only thing thta they missed covering is that people with no knowledge of history should not be allowed to vote.

  4. Sorry Andrew, I agree with Mr This, or can I call him Censor. The sky is falling in. I trust you are wearing a crash helmet.

    But seriously Andrew, karma has nothing to do with why I barrack for Barack. :p

  5. In the USA, Barack Obama has churchloads of black supporters (not a single white person amongst them) politicking for his cause and making racist assertions during church services. I guess this is their idea of a sermon.

    There is plenty of racism being dished up by both black and white American factions in various places.

    If the truth is known, Obama is more white than black. On the genetic side, he is 50/50, but he has been raised by white people in a primarily white society. So I don’t understand why there is such a black and white division amongst the people.

    If something is sending Australia backwards, it will be our politicians kowtowing to and following the lead of the USA, which is a social booby prize, to say the least.

    If Obama wins government, I think it will be primarily because people are sick of George Bush.

    Ron Berry:

    I guess you must want to keep plenty of guns available, so people can kill one another at will. When my son went to Annapolis, he was almost afraid to visit Washington DC, due to the numerous shootings and killings reported in the news every day.

    I guess you must also want to keep the terrible social security system that results in crime associated with the use of both drugs and guns.

    If you want to get rid of the baby killers, then you also have to get rid of guns. To do both of those things, you will need to support someone other than Obama or McCain.

    I don’t like Liberal Democrats much, because they are too liberal about some of the wrong things, and too weak to support some of the right things.

    I would vote for Democrats again if they could make their value system more cohesive, and also adopt policies that are directed more towards the common good of all Australians.

  6. I think Obama will be good for the USA. He cant be any worse than Bush who is absolutely appalling at everything he does. Time will tell how Green Obama is though. He really needs to be in top gear and hit the ground running (unlike Rudd who has hit the ground reviewing). The world cant wait and when the US does something the rest of the world will also.

  7. Andrew, it is a shame that, as a former minor party senator, you weren’t able to highlight the campaign efforts and policies of some of the minor party and independent candidates. It is also a shame that you weren’t fair and balanced in discussing both Barack Obama and John McCain.

  8. I think its a real shame the USA Greens didnt get a leg up really. It would have been better if they got more support and more coverage.

  9. Daniel:

    Greens are too dangerous to be given any real power. But it would have been nice to know something about other parties and individuals standing for election.

    One thing I like about Obama is his opposition to free trade agreements.

  10. I think at this time, and given the euphoria and emotion surrounding the occasion, that the significane of this election on the US and democracy itself far outweighs any nitpicking over who does what, supports what or did or didn’t get a leg up.

    The real challenge for Obama is how the US moves to adapt to the inevitable shift in power to Asis, as it will have to even if it doesn’t want to.

  11. So I did post one here but it has gone.Lorikeet is back on the job and knows exactly how a person can be a magpie.So if he brown eyes and say,a white part that is normally circumcised,which no-one has offered yet, as news, including someone called Sinclair,and white skin up his nose,and ,if you look hard enough,down his ear hole,the one he held to a telephone upside down on a video.[A bit like Geo.W.Bush and him reading out of a upside down book when told of 9/11]Then there is the white skin between his toes and fingers,plus a nicotine finger,I suppose.And his white blood cell count will be higher than another black African American,because they,the Kenyans are the stereotypical black colour,and he has fessed up to cannabis use.Gee ! Lorikeet!? Now what if the Democrats who also own guns,came up with a solution to gun ownership divisions!? And I reckon they can,whilst still having gun ownership and complete safe control over civilian gun use at the same time. And it all really depends how gun owners see how they want to use guns regularly,plus being aware of that division in their society.At this stage,seeing what FEMA,has at its disposal,and the Police and even Forest Dept., I am coming round to think owning a gun in the U.S.A. because of the way Government bodies behalf ,is absolutely sane,and small l liberal.And it is probably likely that there are bonds of friendship being formed between gun owners and small l liberal types because of the last eight years,on a very selective,and totally patriotic and free thinking basis.Still disliking the criminal element and the ease of gun ownership amongst some,who have no interest in living a quite life and enjoying people’s opinions for their diversity ,that means one’s own occasionally will be challenged.But not at the end of an illegal gun.And quitely is the best way to solve social divisions ,amongst the open minded,rather than be lead by any government prioritising that comes at a cost.

  12. I’m sure you’re right. I can’t imagine being able to vote and not getting caught up in the excitement he generated. Perhaps in a sign that I need to get out more, I do feel genuinely sad it’s all over, even though I’m much more delighted by the fact that he won. More post-election thoughts at my blog. Best wishes, JM

  13. Ken:

    From what I’ve read, I don’t think Obama is interested in a shift to Asian power. I hope you are wrong about the inevitability of it.

    He has protectionist policies which I think are very intelligent.

    If we want to avoid global communism, putting power into the hands of the Chinese is a move in the wrong direction.

    The USA borrows $50,000,000,000 a month from somewhere to keep its head above water. Do you (or anybody else) know where that money is coming from?


    I think it has already been proven that when guns are freely available, people use them on their spouses, parents and siblings in association with domestic disputes. Guns also cause the accidental deaths of the innocent, just as they did to my uncle – husband and father of 3 tiny children.

    I don’t think you should have said those horrible things about Obama. You may think like that, but you should not attribute such thoughts to anyone else.

  14. Lorikeet:

    I dont know if thats correct about guns. I believe that Australia and Britian are now ahead of the us in deaths by guns. Thats strange considering we both have very tight gun controls.

    The States in the US with the toughest gun laws are usually the states with the highest death by guns as well.

    <a hreff =

    Look the election of Obama will certainly heal race relations. But I dont know whether it will be good for Australia at all.

    Nothing he has said in his campaign should make us feel as if we’ll be any better off. The Free Trade Agreements with Australia now look shakey.


  15. Tony:

    My son travels all over Australia and NZ in his job. He hasn’t been apprehensive anywhere but Washington DC. Around the same time as his visit there, he travelled to various parts of the USA.

    On further study, I found out that in the early 1990s, Washington DC was considered the murder capital of the USA, with most gun deaths occurring as the result of various forms of theft. That would fit in with a drug/poverty problem.

    The USA has pretty dreadful social policies. The availability of guns must be measured hand-in-hand with other factors.

    More recently, gun deaths have been increasingly “built out” of some suburbs in Washington DC using a system of gentrification i.e. they have built expensive apartments, clubs and restaurants and pushed the poor elsewhere – not much of a solution, from my point of view.

    According to a link provided by Dolphins, more crimes are committed in Australia using knives than using guns. A knife attack would clearly be less likely to result in death, and might be a bit easier to avoid.

    When I was a very young woman, I had a magnetic knife rack on the kitchen wall. Since just looking at it gave me the creeps, and considering the excellent opportunity it might provide for a burglar or rapist, I got my husband to take it down and put a childproof lock on the kitchen drawer.

    He also had an air rifle and 22 stored in a spare room. When he went in there, one of our little boys followed. On seeing the guns, he put his hands up and said, “Shoot me, Daddy! Shoot me!”

    I told him to get those bloody guns out of the house.

    Our kids had a couple of toy metal guns, until another child used one to inflict a very large bruise on someone.

    I thought you were against free trade agreements. I thought you previously said you wanted to protect Australian industries and jobs.

  16. TONY _ How can Britain & Australia lead the world in deaths by guns, when an American is murdered every 10? minutes, and the most common weapon is a gun? Thankfully, even though attacks with knives has increased in recent yrs, we hardly rate the top ‘spot’ re murders from guns. Where did you get those figures from? Not from ABS or National Crime Stats was it?

    I too was excited and moved by the American people voting for Barack Obama; however, I fear that he won’t be able to instigate any real change, as the empire builders and wealthy corporations won’t allow it! They’ll kill him if he doesn’t ‘play ball’. They’ve done it before. I hope I’m wrong, but will wait and see! Was he ‘allowed’ to win? Was it because it’s known that life will go on as planned, with a couple of concessions? As I said, I hope I’m wrong! I think he might be the world’s last chance, to stop war mongering, and start looking after the planet, but again, I’m not too hopeful? Too many greedy bastards with the ‘wrong’ agendas!

  17. One of the ‘hot’ issues that attracted my attention during the USA election, and the ‘bail out’ was a strong criticism, by McCain camp, of socialism.
    I have lived in both systems; I did not want to live in socialism, but I never considered living in the USA although I am entitled to apply for American citizenship.
    Apart from Australia, my other choice could have been a Scandinavian country where one can enjoy a mixed system: socialism, capitalism and monarchy.
    One of my uni professors of the subject called ‘political economy’ told us that a capitalistic monopoly is just as rotten as monopolistic communism.
    Guantanamo Bay, Woomera, idiotic wars, violation of constitution, human rights, torturing innocent prisoners who have not even been sentenced, creating mass neurosis of fear, renditions, and overwhelming bank monopoly have proven just as bad as gulags and a total control of the state with monopoly (pardon, ‘mandate’) to run people’s lives.
    I do agree with Andrew that the USA election results was a good ‘karma’ and it has nothing to do with any religion. It’s just a good karma!

  18. ZEN – I found the assertions of John McCain against Barack Obama re the Democrats introducing ‘socialism’ by reducing taxes on low income earners at first amusing, then annoying, and then I got angry. The truth is, that capitalism couldn’t survive without the ‘socialist’ behaviours of govts that subsidise, help, compensate, lower taxes or in the recent actions of the Republican Administration in the US, hand over $1 trillion dollars to those who caused the economic recesssion. How many CEO’s walked away with millions? How many billions have been handed over to hugely wealthy corporations to bail them out? Even here?

    With the exception of the $10.5 Billion to pensioners, low income parents, first home buyers etc, there’s been billions set aside to assist capitalism via the car manufacturing industry, the banking industry, ABC Learning to name but a few. Profits are privatised, and losses are socialized – and the ones who are going to ‘save’ capitalism are those who usually work for less than they deserve, who don’t share the profits, and have to buy the goods and services they created at a high price! Capitalism has failed – again!

    I wonder what has to happen before people realize, that this system doesn’t work in their best interests – only the interests of a few – very few! The rest of us stuggle on! It’s not just or fair!

  19. Naomi:

    Now this I really like:

    “Profits are privatised, and losses are socialized.”

    Never a truer word was spoken.

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