This week’s 4ZzZ interview with Peter Black

I haven’t posted one of these here for a while, but each week on my radio shift on 4ZzZ FM I do an interview with QUT law lecturer and obsessive follower of social issues and media, Peter Black.

The topics covered include the Greens taking on the balance of power in the Senate and how they might fare compared to the Democrats; a few other things happening in federal politics; the NBN, online classification reviews and internet filtering; developments in the USA on Afghanistan and the same sex marriage issue and what they might mean for Australia; the blocking of the new music listening website for people outside of the USA (and which country is represented by the .fm domain); as well as suggestions of a couple of websites to check out – a site of interviews called The Talks and a culture focused site called Everything is a Remix.

You can listen to this week’s interview by clicking on this link.

(and in case you’re wondering why there is a gap in the middle where a song was being played, copyright law means I shouldn’t reproduce a song through a podcast without permission of the copyright holder)

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