The Wages of Spin

Ever wondered how the transcripts of Senate Committee hearings could be interesting? Wonder no more – go see the Wages of Spin at Brisbane’s Powerhouse tonight, tomorrow or Saturday.

I went along to the Brisbane opening of the brief new season of this production. Much of the play is staged as if it’s in a live media studio, with the performers re-voicing statements from the Prime Minister, Senate Committee hearings, President Bush and media players. It’s impossible to portray the topic of the Iraq war through the words of media commentary, press conferences and Parliamentary debate without being political, but the performance basically just lays the words and images before you, without being didactic.

It is fascinating – and very telling – to see the words and images of politicians taken out of their immediate media/political context and simply shown starkly for what they are. It would be a worthwhile epxerience for any workplace enviroment, but particularly for the parliamentary political environment, where so many so many politicians and press gallery people see the whole thing as literally nothing more than a “game”.

This production is done by the Version 1.0 company, who also did a theatrical interpretation of the Senate Inquiry into the dishonest ‘Children Overboard’ allegation. It is hard for me to give a totally objective judgement, as I played a key role in the Children Overboard inquiry, but I think this play is better.

Apart from performing in Brisbane until the end of this week, I think this production is appearing in Perth at the end of September. If you get chance to see it, I recommend you do.

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  1. It is true that:
    “The wages of Spin is Dearth”.
    Dearth of information, that is. Plenty of dis-information and little of value upon which a citizen wishing to participate in the life of his society can employ, to come to informed conclusions.
    It’s the old mushroom syndrome-
    “Kept in the dark and fed on bullsh-t”

  2. I read Senate/House/Committee Hansards when I have the time and chance. Both federal and state. It is time consuming though.

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