The time has come …

I mentioned a few months ago that I’d be moving this blog to a new site. I decided to try WordPress, a program which gives a better idea of what readers are commenting on. I’m hoping this will encourage more comments and provide a smoother discussion flow. The new blog also has the added advantage of being hosted at my own website.Having realised that most people have no idea what I’m talking about when I say ‘blog’, I’ve decided on a new title as well, which should give more of a clue to the average reader as to what the site actually is. In the next week or so the postings in the blogger archive from this site will also move across to the new site, with the added advantage of having the postings categorised. This old site will stay up for a while to give everyone a chance to change their bookmarks. 

There are bound to be a few glitches as I get used to the new format so please bear with me.

For those of you who have kindly linked to my blog or bookmarked it, the new address is

Thanks to those who have seen fit to link to this site and I hope you are happy to do the same with the new site. I will include a link to my own blogroll on the new site in the near future, so I should even be able to reciprocate for some of you.

I should also acknowledge the value that’s been provided by the very user-friendly blogger/blogspot service, as well as Haloscan’s comment service, which gave a simple way to directly communicate my views and activities.

So now, without further ado … ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls …. please, follow me!.

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  1. Welcome to WordPress, Andrew!
    You may notice that WordPress 2.0 has the advantage of being able to import your old blog(s) into your new blog (saving lots of time and heartache).

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