The Speech

As the speech itself acknowledges, a single speech can’t resolve things.  But it is impossible to overstate how significant it would be if the vision President Obama expresses and aspires to in this speech is successful.  The text of the speech is here, or here for translations into 14 other languages.  It is worth taking the time to listen to and watch as well.

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  1. Will listen a later time Andrew.But is it really fair to think what this man says is something worthy, whilst what is legislated and why it is legislated often appear somehow in the opposite camp!? F16s from the U.S.A. bombing Palestinian farms and illegal settlers taking the lack of law into their own hands around all this time of the Great New American deal in Speech.Two meanings there,maybe within his Speech as well.On other matters American Legislation,it looks like the GMO crowd have become so dominant they are into legislation banning the collection of organic seed.As I say,Australians find it impossible to look behind the

  2. obama’s obvious friendship with the saudis will not gain the trust of the majority of people in the middle east.

    his (so far) willingness to continue to send arms to israel says far more than his fine-sounding words!

  3. Yes, I think he is too much of an idealist for the real world – also a liar.

    Will he set an example by being the first to get rid of his nuclear weapons? He’d be a fool if he did.

    “America is not the crude stereotype of a self-interested empire.”

    Tee hee.

    “Out of many, one.”

    He’s just another globalist, like most Australian politicians.

    “Moreover, freedom in America is indivisible from the freedom to practise one’s religion.”

    Don’t they have sedition laws like ours?

    He says oil and gas are not the important things. Who does he think he’s kidding?

    Dear me! Why should be have to put up with all of this feigned middle-aged naivete?

    He’s hardly going to go in there and tell them he wants to take them for everything he can get without anyone firing the odd angry shot.

  4. Actually Andrew,I apologise I dont want to listen to the Obama Speech…I think he is such a bloody liar,that I have seen enough of them from the U.S.A. , it would only be a commentary on his Professionalism at that. I have seen all the body movements already.

  5. This world desperately needs visionaries and idealists to lead us – the fact that the leader of the most powerful nation on earth clearly is both is a wonderful thing.

    How can we possibly move forward towards a better world if we do not have a vision of what that would be before us?

    I found the speech inspiring and full of hope – not in a “here we go this is how I’ll solve everything in one go” way but in a “this is what I believe, this is what I stand for and this is my end goal kind of way”.

    He spoke truthfully and from the heart – and he fills mine with hope for a better future – one worth working towards and one worth handing on to the next generation.

  6. Yulia:

    Don’t you think you’re being a bit naive?

    Obama has clawed his way to the top of a major party, in a country very well known to be only out for itself, and capable of some exceedingly skulduggerous machinations.

    I think he just wants to stroke their furrowed brows so he can get anything he wants without a fight.

    There’s no chance of that ever happening. The people of the Middle East aren’t barbie dolls waiting for their hair to be combed.

  7. Hey Andrew, just wanted to get a bit of an update on your thoughts about Obama now that he’s failing the progressive world miserably and constantly capitulates to the irrational right wing in America. I mean, it’s all gone wrong hasn’t it? During the election I was quite pessimistic about both him and McCain, thus I was rooting for Nader, was I right? Is there any hope left for Obama’s presidency?

  8. Hi Sean.

    Being a pragmatic type, the appalling electoral system they have in the USA means that I could never root for Nader. Florida 2000 showed the consequences of that.

    That aside, I think it’s too early to dismiss what Obama might achieve. He’ll never manage what you or I would like to see, but he is still in a position to shift things much more in the right direction in some key areas.

    I fear he won’t be able to shift things as much as is needed when it comes to climate change, even though it will be much further than what McCain could manage.

    But given the USA’s system which provides a more genuine separation of powers, even if by some miracle Nader became President, he’d still be dealing with the same Congress, and for all sorts of reasons I think Obama has a better chance of getting Congress to agree to good things than Nader (or most other folks) would be able to.

  9. I think the more that politicians screw the poor and lower income families, while giving out welfare to middle and high income earners, the further the voters will move to the left.

    Liberals, Nationals and small religious parties in Australia should take note of the likely nett result of their middle class separatism/selfishness.

    Lots of people seem to like Obama, but he seems to be doing the same as Rudd – giving out borrowed money all over the place – very often to people who don’t need a Stimulus Package because they already have plenty of money to spend.

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