Ten years

It is ten years today since I was sworn into the Senate, filling the casual vacancy left by the resignation of Cheryl Kernot.

The middle of an election campaign is not a good time for long reflections on such things, so beyond noting how quickly ten years have passed and what an incredible amount of experiences and issues one can cram into ten years, I’ll save the reflections for another time.

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  1. A fine ten years it has been Andrew! Whatever the outcome of the election, you’ve done a great job, you’ll almost make the 11 year mark, and whether you’re re-elected or not this time, I am starting to get this feeling that we all may be back at it again much sooner than we think. But I speculate, thus I digress…

    David Couper
    Independent Senate Candidate for QLD 2007

  2. I think your 16 year anniversary will be the right time for reflection :-) Keep up the good work Senator, take the fight to the Bastards!

  3. Wow. That means it’s been 11 years since I first joined the Dems. Do we get a cake or something? Heehee. Gosh, 10 years ago I’d say the Dems were probably doing a bit better than the Greens are these days – but makes me wonder …

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