Success stories in Indigenous health

There have been a lot of reports highlighting the disgraceful situation with the health of many Indigenous Australians. It is important to be aware of this situation, but it can sometimes make the problem seem insurmountable, which can create a view that it’s all too hard.

In a positive move, ANTaR (Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation) launched a report in Canberra today detailing some of the success stories in Indigenous health. It lists just a sample of some of the many organisations and programs which have made a big difference, often with relatively small resources. You can find out more about these successful examples by clicking here.

The launch of the report was attended by the Social Justice Commissioner, whose own Annual report was released yesterday, along with the Health Minister and shadow Health Minister. There were a few TV cameras there too, although unfortunately they left as soon as the Minister had finished his remarks. Can’t have too much good news I guess.

The ANTaR website also lets people to send in details of other success stories in Indigenous health. You can also register your own personal support for action to close the 17 year life expectancy gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

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  1. yes, thank u andrew for some nice ideas that will prove very useful.

    i attach a comment on some thing CRUCIAL to the mental & physical health of abc people, & the rest of us slobs or unter-menschen.

    doctor victor kacala: education for kids who are ‘SLOW’, like myselfdear richard, i want u to imagine that the doctor of psych is u-, or u-son’s, TEACHER i.e., the DOCTOR has TOTAL control over your freedom to act & think.

    many teachers & parents have a huge amount of control over WHAT & HOW kids learn – some parents & teachers have a bunch of mind control tools than TOTALLY govern the evolution of the ideas and ‘laws’ of child education.

    would she BORE u to death? i found her lacking any life what so ever. kids learn at dif rates & dif things at dif times.

    kids learn from other kids & a PHYSICAL context, where they are free to explore their physical world. books & some one reading to them does NOT increase their rate of learning [they may increase their rate of learning for stuff the parent or teacher or helper IMPOSES on them AND is measured].

    psychO people FIND evidence to support their theory i.e., is a self-fulfilling prophesy in so far as their phd & social status.

    are their theories refutable? no. there is a mutually re-inforcing in-ertia from the past in an endless cycle of guru status in education – the results have been a DISASTER for education & western countries generally. of course, these gurus set the agenda for school teachers & pollies.

    if u read peter watson [2006] on freud et al, u will find a VERY critical analysis of psychO people – as an instrument of torture of the mind & tyranny, the americans seem to have done a great job of applying the lessons of pain from PSYCHo.

    psyho, bio and econo METRICS are a mess, with tech development highest in econometrics. it is hard for a non-tech head like u-self to sort out their nonsense, still be WARNed, it is drivel of the lowest order i.e., it DRIVES & gives credit to education gurus

  2. A post went astray,which simply warned the Senator where cameras are concerned he has to avoid looking like part of a government cheer squad.

  3. Andrew;
    We need a seperate thread about this recent Howard obscenity on Aboriginal health. I feel sick from listening to his pathetic attempts to portray himself as ‘kind daddy’.

    How much uranium is buried beneath these communities he’s just taken over? Is there any way to find that information out?

    Sorry for being cinical – but its getting hard to keep up!

  4. To:

    child abuse on the global systems of greed in any play area u-like.

    4/07/2007 12:34 PM doctor victor kacala: i am filing a REport on child abuse & neglect HERE

    editor, u are required under oz law to file ANY messAGE on CHILD abuse.

    in a recent poST to senator bartlett’s web-site i put some info that related to, or linked with, child abuse.

    this was cut by an un-known editor who acted as a moderater=editor.

    thus, i wish legal action against this editor who BLOCKS my report on child abuse & neglect.

    as a basis of my expert views about risks to some kids at xyz place.

    i am an expert in the area of risk management in the education & health & finance arenas.

    the basis for my claim in a public forum, NO names, is HERE HEAR?

    this is my view based on the criteria of indicators taken from Reder, Duncan and Gray, “Beyond Blame, Child Abuse Tragedies Revisited, Routledge, 1993.

  5. bio-patents on stuff taken from any abc person should be made il*LEgal.

    how does this affect abc health? it affects ALL the health of people around the globe.

    oz has a system of patents that follows the usa patent system.

    this system of patents is based on discovery rather than invention i.e., dna ‘profile’ is THE patent.

    i am very familiar with the patent system, having spent a huge amount of time and money on getting a ‘softwire’ public patent. the patent process is corrupt and biased for corp thieves, who prowl the global stage, as iff they own the globe [sadly, this is not far from the truth].

    as it turns out, the western countries seem to think that any ‘treaty’ is enforcable [e.g., wto forums].

    russia told gwb & associated corrupt fascists to go jump – i agree.

    i heard wise brot on abc/rn on the law report & he is OUR head guru to look at the ethics of bio-patents. who is he working for? us or the corp buddy net-work system on the global stage? based on what i heard, the corp_$$$!

    so, we have a toad who says he is an ethics guru who is NOT ethical.

    our gov is incompetent of the LOWeST oder.

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