Stuff from my 4ZZZ shift this week

Every Monday morning I do a shift on radio 4ZzZ FM102.1 – Brisbane’s longest serving community radio station (36 years old this year). And almost every week I talk with social media expert and lawyer Peter Black about some current political and other issues. You can listen to our talk this week by clicking on this link (it goes for over 30 minutes and has the occasional sweary word, so probably best just for dedicated fans).

You can see the songlist I played this week – as usual featuring a sizable number of local artists – at this link, which in most cases also contains further links to other videos, information or photos of the artists.

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  1. Hi sorry haven’t heard you on air, I’m on Sunshine Coast and the reception is not so good in the car. Just wondering if the racial discrimination act is still suspended in the NT and if so why?

  2. I’m sure Andrew will be happy to know that I told someone working at the local Leagues Club that they would get more people to come along to dinner and a show if their sound level did not damage our hearing.

    As they may be about to lose profits from poker machines, I thought it was a good time to give them some healthy clues to support other types of income.

    There are still similar problems in dance halls, rock concerts and movie theatres.

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