Stolen Wages stay stolen – WA’s turn

It’s hard to know what to say on this issue that hasn’t already been said, but the blithely blatant injustice is still hard to stomach – I can only imagine the fury many Aboriginal must feel about this.

Almost five years ago I wrote here about the report of the Senate Committee Inquiry I helped establish in 2006  into wages and other entitlements stolen from Aboriginal people. I also mentioned a seemingly promising development that the WA government was establishing a taskforce to investigate this.

All this time later, the fruits of that WA government inquiry are ashes in the mouth of Aboriginal people and their descendants who are victims of this. I’ve written plenty of times about how abysmal the Queensland government’s response on this issue has been.  The formal response that has finally come from the WA government looks no better – in fact, based on reports it appears even worse.

Despite all the evidence, the long years of patient advocacy and the undeniable facts – even unanimous supporting recommendations from a Senate Committee inquiry – governments feel this is the most they need to do in response. It’s a good example of why people can become despairing at the political process.

This link goes to an interview I did on the issue with SBS radio earlier today.

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