1. Good on you for persevering with this. I have lost respect for MS Bligh on this matter as well as amny others – when she tool over she had a chance to reverse policy on this matter as a “new broom” – what a pity she didn’t. It isn’t even as if it would ab a huge amount of money … very sad situation. My apologies for saying this, because they exist elsewhere too, but there seem to be many blinkered thinkers in Qld. What a coup for her if she reversed the policy of the past!

  2. Andrew, thank you for speaking out against this disgraceful and shameful injustice. This is an example of how racism is still alive and well in this country, not just Qld, although I believe, that most of the aboriginal people who are still starved of their wages come from Qld and the NT? Talk of reconciliation is just that – talk – if the injustices of the past aren’t corrected. I guess, if it’s taken this long to force govts around the world to return the remains of many aboriginal people, this shame shouldn’t surprise us – it just makes us feel angry and ashamed.

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