Stolen wages campaigner passes on

Last week I attended a funeral in Townsville for Yvonne Butler, who was one of the state’s most dedicated campaigners on the Stolen Wages issue.  I have written a number of times on this blog about the issue and the  poor record of the Queensland state government. Whilst the response from government has been far short of what still needs to be done, much of the credit for the recognition and progress which has occurred goes to Aboriginal people like Yvonne, who fought on behalf of justice for her own people and wider family more than for herself.

It is a sad irony – but also an example of her legacy – that just a couple of days after her funeral, the  Queensland government announced some further progress on the matter, reversing a previous decision which would have prevented further reparations claims to be made from the money already been allocated for that purpose.

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  1. Do you think the two events are connected,Andrew,or you dont care,already in a state of dismay!?Sounds like a very good name to turn into an award,like a Logie, that is given annually to someone correcting Aboriginal problems with real outcomes.Either way from the first sentence,it is much too long a time wanting a result.Bloody Labor!?

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