Some good reading to start off 2007

Ken Parish at Club Troppo has compiled (with the help of others) an anthology of the best blog posts of 2006. They will be published at the rate of two a day throughout January at Online Opinion. I’m not one of those who sees the blogosphere in some sort of competition with the mainstream media; both forms have their merits and shortcomings. However, I know there’s some great and varied material around the blogoshpere that merits a wider audience, so I recommend you look out for these ‘best of’ posts on Online Opinion. You can comment on any of the pieces there if you feel inclined.

The first piece is by Kerryn Goldsworthy called “The Idea of Home” about attending a funeral with her father, first published back in August on her blog, Pavlov’s Cat.

This is not an award ceremony, and like all anthologies, there’ll be different views about what should and shouldn’t have got in. However, the compilers have indulged themselves fleetingly, and totally reasonably, by labelling this post from Barista the ‘people’s choice’ award – for reasons they explain. As the process was done in rather a rush and at a time when some people who may have put forward suggestions were away, they are happy to take suggestions direct from readers, through Online Opinion, for any good posts they may have missed

PS The anthology is also mentioned at Larvatus Prodeo and at Catallaxy by Helen, one of the compilers.

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  1. I am relatively new to blogposting,and have once or twice checked ot Online Opinion and the Australian blogosphere..Whilst they maybe high quality there,like barista..I would like to come across a technology experimenters sight..I have looked up via google the sites with hobby engineering etc.and found enormous numbers,which means that a willingness to be backyarders in technological development exists..yet nuts and bolts experts coupled with the science engineering experience,and time may still be in short supply in Australia.Mags like ReNew exist ,but, I am seeking both old and experimental,plus plan diagram processes..I notice at Club Troppo you are considered Leftish..the Democrats were once concerned about technological determinism and its impact…maybe these evaluative processes have sunk into computers only,and maybe energies have been stolen..We have the ALP. gushing on about a educated society,and yet I doubt there is one member now at Parliamentary level who is a technological whizzz.So it sought of shocks me,there is no blog,and, except for institutional research,the same alternative responses are trotted out against nuke and coal…and I just wonder about all sorts of patents that have come and gone,and the Nexus MAG. approach and just the more boring pursuit of collecting all experiments on such matters as carbon dioxide and being able to compare discern an evaluate potentials.A blogmaster on carbon dioxide alone would mean a less miserable approach to how to either accept or reject present research.The bastard first post would then need to pull its head in.So they dont,as yet meet my expectations.Lots of rules to.

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