Senate sitting – the week ahead

This coming week sees just the third week of sittings of the Senate so far this year, and the last until another shortened sitting week when the Budget comes down in May. By the time we reach the start of June, the Senate will have sat for just 14 days this year. By the 7th of August, we will have sat for just 21 days. The whole year will see the Senate sitting for a total of 56 days. By way of contrast, the New Zealand Parliament will sit for 87 days this year.

There is long list of legislation on the draft program for the week (which as always can be found at this link). It is rare for all the legislation on the draft program to be dealt with, although things tend to move through much more quickly since the government got control of the Senate.

The week starts with a speech by UK Prime Minister Tony Blair in the House of Representatives, before getting on to the usual program around 2.30pm.

There are 24 different packages of legislation on the program, so I won’t detail them all. However, I will expand on four Bills that may be of interest in separate postings to this one.

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