Save me from the Daylight

When you live in Queensland, if there’s one thing worse than the annual onset of daylight saving elsewhere in the nation, it’s the annual debate about whether Queensland should have daylight saving.

The general assumption is that people in the south east corner of Queensland like daylight saving, and people in the north or west of the state don’t. However, even though I’ve lived in Brisbane all my life, last time Queensland had a referendum on the topic I voted against. I’m the sort of person that dislikes hot weather and doesn’t particularly like being out in direct sunlight, so the idea of having the heat and accompanying cancer-inducing solar rays last longer into the day has never been one that appeals to me.

For diametrically opposed views from two Brisbane based bloggers, have a look at John Quiggin arguing in favour, and Mark Bahnisch arguing against.

However, I have to say that being one hour behind the southern states can get a bit irritating if you travel interstate a lot. I’ve had a couple of reminders already flying to Canberra for Senate sittings. In recent times, I’ve been trying to travel down first thing on the mornings, rather than the night before, so I can get an extra night at home. Unfortunately, as well as disliking heat and sunlight, I also hate getting out of bed early. When daylight saving starts down south, it means the first flight out from Brisbane leaves an hour earlier – in this case 5.15am.

I guess I should be grateful I live reasonably close to the airport, so I only need to leave home at 4.15am, but it’s still not the best way to start the day – especially when the end destination involves sitting in the Senate and having one’s intelligence insulted by Government Ministers blithely insisting that black equals white, deception equals honesty, obfuscation equals transparency and removing freedoms equals protecting freedoms. For some reason, now that the Government controls the Senate, their Ministers don’t seem to see any need to even pretend to make credible arguments. At least in the past there was some sort of token effort, but now – presumably because it doesn’t matter – they just spout the propaganda line in a very blasé way. This is bad enough at the best of times, but when it follows on from getting out of bed before 4.00am, it’s enough to put anyone in a bad mood.

UPDATE: In a perfect example of how daylight saving dissonance delivers bizarre stories in Queensland, the state Premier Peter Beattie and a Liberal Party MP have complained that daylight saving is to blame for Dan England, Queensland’s competitor on Australian Idol, being voted off the show.

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  1. That I am confused of too. I don’t know what’s the difference between the daylight savings time and the regular time. and I don’t know how the Queensland is going to benefit from it.

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