Same Things Haven’t Changed

This blog has been dormant (and  mostly offline) for well over a year.  The last entry was just before the federal election, and addressed the growing humanitarian crisis in the Australian government controlled offshore detention centres. Sadly, this grotesque exercise in deliberately torturing innocent vulnerable people is now far worse, with an hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers now enduring an horrific dystopian calamity unfolding in plain sight on Manus Island and Papua New Guinea. (and let’s not forget the traumas of those being kept on Nauru.)

Change can sometimes happen quickly, but sometimes it can be very slow to occur. Often it is hard to predict when it will happen, but if change is needed – as it desperately is for those refugees and asylum seekers left to suffer for so long – then those who believe in the case for change must never let up the pressure.

Positive change will come – the hope is that no more people die before it happens.


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