Reluctant Indonesians

Tonight I am introducing the public lecture and book signing for Dr Clinton Fernandes, author of the recently released, Reluctant Indonesians: Australia, Indonesia and the future of West Papua.

I’ve written many times, see here , about West Papua, Indonesia and the fraught relationship with Australia and it is pleasing to see an account that outlines the history of West Papua history from colonial times to the modern day under Indonesian rule. The book looks closely at the relationship between Australia and Indonesia and candidly addresses the problems associated with the growing push for West Papuan independence .

For those of you in Brisbane interested in the topic of our relations with our near neighbour, the launch is from 6.30pm at the Avid Reader, 193 Boundary Street, West End.

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  1. i agree with much what u say about the ‘fACTs’ of the matter [i am sure that u know more/better quality wrt this matter].

    thus, i take what u say as being a ‘fair’ & reasonable view from the wp end of the story. i dis-agree with u when it comes to POLICY i.e., what u and the gov [oz] should DO.

    this comes down to good [optimal] strategy.

    strangely, the indo’s are more likely to listen to my policy rather than yours i.e., while they may agree with YOUR facts, they may NOT think it a good idea to agree with u in public.

    i think of indo & wp people as family.

    this is where i start from and i am less interested in ‘revenge’ or retribution than justice GOING forward.

    western countries have often caused a LOT of problems, by fostering ‘independence’ movements across the planet e.g., christian missionaries who foster arrogance of GOD ON OUR SIDE attitude.

    of course, these ‘missionaries’ [of ANY religion] are beyond reason – they foster the same attitude in their MIND colony, like a virus that has no cure. priests then have an eco interest AND fever to support violent actions against their masters [e.g., indo military]. this often leads to a cycle of violence that escalates over time e.g., east timor.

    the net result is every one loses, often after a genocide or three. some times ‘history’ does repeat.

    in the case of wp, it is clear that the tribal system is NOT a viable basis for independence, what-ever u might think. the result would be a ‘rape-pillage-plunder’ by local tyrannts and corrupt exploitation by western corps [this has already happened, right across the globe].

    so, while my goals are the same, most of the advice u get is BIASED with a hidden agenda that masks eco-genocide i.e., u become the instrument of terror in the long-run. of course, like many other people of good intent, it is often the case that the HERO is a mere pawn of ‘foreign’ or evil intent.

    to this extent, i think the oz greens are totally in-ept of the lowest order

  2. to check to ‘see’ if your policy [in your case, it is ‘advice’ to indo and oz-gov] is any good [best for wp AND indo] take extreme positions.

    for example, what if [say] the indo gov started to kill all christians? but, they allowed ALL non-muslims to emigrate to oz?

    what would YOU do if faced with that extreme? this might mean [say] 10 million indo people coming down south on any sort of boat that could make or buy.

    would your current immigration or polly asylum policy work?


    in many ways, while i attack jh on many matters, i think that jh & cronies are correct in their policy in this area.

    i often see greenies and other well-intended ethics experts assert policy that is ‘knee-jerk’ reactions, premised on the slogans of the ‘party’ i.e., all passion & no-brains. this is often what happens to greenies [and to a far less extent, ALL other parties].

    thus, for the most part, i see polly parties as the antithesis of democracy and optimal social policy i.e., it is easy for power players to pull YOUR strings.

    as a general matter, when i see hysteria that drives policy outcomes, i KNOW the result will be sub-optimal for people at the bottom of the pile.

    you need to adopt a game theory method in HOW you analyse policy options going forward.

    for example, you may wish to get the views of [e.g.,] joshua gans in policy and news release strategy. joshua is very bright, and has far better skills than any one on your staff [as a guess].

    it is the QUALITY of your advisors that is of import, NOT the number [by analogy, it is the QUALITY of ideas, or your friends, that is of core social value].

    by analogy, in social system design, it is quality that is of core value.

    by analogy, it is the quality of your data/info that is CRUCIAL in how and what policies you come up with [in an adaptive sense] over time. i have given you a sketch of strategy.

    if you want more, i guess you can hire some one?

    this is WHY i choose president putin as my SOLE

  3. Slow progress Senator!? Even though any Indonesian military person could drive a train from the Northern Territory to Hastings in Victoria to move Lysaght metal,in these high Australian Dollar times.So whilst WE are endowed with mighty Aussie dollar value and a creeping certainty that only those who are doing extremely well will sympathise with the defend Australia against the Indonesians,and buy some dope off the west Papuans..I am all for experiment instead..after all under Australian Law Indonesians and West Papuans could of already been working together for practical results in terms of housing science exchange, education matters etcetera.When it comes to an effective policy that engages the Indonesians and West Papuans in hope, Australia is all horse and cart,and wiping its dandruff off its shoulders on a Sunday picnic.Why doesnt someone just invite the Indonesian Consulate and Refugees from Papua to a Picnic and a quiet stroll in a pleasant and relatively warm part of the country..with some gourmet food on board.This subject matter is almost in my top forty of boring sounds..where I want the particular music to stop for something a little bit more worthy of humanity.

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