Rebuilding in Aceh

The Boxing Day tsunami of 2004 seems a very long time ago. I was fortunate to make a brief visit to Banda Aceh in mid-2005, which I wrote about here and here. Some parts of that visit I’ll never forget.

This story from last weekend’s Jakarta Post (found through Breakfast Politics) gives a snapshot of the reporter’s brief visit to the area. There is still rebuilding work being done, but as the report indicates, there is more to be rebuilt in Aceh than houses wiped out by the tsunami.

Post-tsunami efforts are still going on and conflict resolution organizations have their work cut out for them, and probably will have for years to come. Former GAM (Free Aceh Movement) combatants, women who once fought with guns and knives for a movement in which they still believe, are being surveyed to find out if they know anything of Aceh’s current political landscape, or of their rights. And education-focused teams have deposited themselves in the back of beyond to try and right what 30 years and more of conflict has done to three generations of Acehnese.

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