Rap Relief: Another Qld floods fundraiser

Soulmate Records, Choose Mics and Born Fresh Records presents Rap Relief – a collective of 7 QLD artists who are raising money for QLD flood relief.

Produced by Mules, “Together” is an awesome track available for download for TWO BUCKS from http://www.raprelief.com/ with all proceeds going to disaster relief efforts.

Performed by Seven, Syntax, Choose Mics, 4th (Vegas Aces) and Tommy Ill.

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  1. Good to see you promoting all the various grass-roots fundraising efforts, Barts, as well as the more obvious ones…

    And with this donation of two dollars you get a song, too? Wonders never cease.

    They should charge more – I reckon people would pay more for a warm and fuzzy feeling in their bellies *and* their sub-woofers! :)

  2. mm, haven’t visited this blog for some time (but is still on my sidebar).

    This person sometimes wonders why there is so much attention paid to Queensland .. while the lower lakes in South Australia have been starved .. and hey, 59 homes in Western Australia sort of got burned out.

    One wonders where “NATIONAL” leadership has gone.

  3. Well I tend to focus on Queensland because that’s where I’m from, but I imagine the extra level of attention to Qld is due to the scale of the impacts, both in terms of the total area affected and the numbers of people. (and immediate disasters tend to get more attention than persistent ones).

    Still, if one was being totally non-parochial, there were worse disasters in Brazil and Sri Lanka over the same period which got much less attention (esp the ones in Sri Lanka)

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