Recent Interviews

Following are links to a couple of recent radio interviews I’ve done, plus an online one:

  • At this link is an interview (with some talkback) on Local Radio ABC Overnights on 9 July (at 4am!) about different approaches to refugees and asylum seekers around the world. I did this in my capacity as a Research Fellow at the ANU’s Migration Law program.
  • At this link is an interview on politics and strategy I did on ABC Radio National’s Saturday Extra. I was part of a panel with Bruce Hawker (ALP strategist) and Graeme Morris (Liberal strategist). I was the hybrid 3rd party Democrat/Green person. Being the third party battling against about 100 years of history of a two-party system is a very difficult role which requires a very different type of strategy – especially if you really are attempting to eventually get onto the same plane as the two entrenched parties. I don’t think I expressed that as well as I could have – even after so many years of doing interviews, I still get surprised how quickly 20 minutes can pass.
  • At this link is an online ‘interview’ I recently did on politics & drug policies.
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