Apologies for the gratuitous parachiolism, but that State of Origin win by Queensland tonight had to be one of the best since Origin started in 1980. To hold the line and then come back to win, after being denied one try and then having the opposition basically handed two, is one of the most commendable performances I can recall – especially in a series deciding game. Not giving up when things are not going your way, refusing to get distracted by compounding injustices which you can nothing to undo – I think there’s lessons in that for all of us, don’t you? John Quiggin has similar views.

On the whole I prefer Australian football over all the other codes these days, despite having been brought up on rugby league and union. But even though Origin has paled a bit over the years, when it works it’s still fantastic.

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  1. i went to a state of origin game at the old lang pk with a friend back when. it was the first game i had seen .i have try to watch every one since then i love it .
    I also love australian rules GO FREO.

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