Public seminar on the role of fire in managing the environment

The recent tragic bushfires in Victoria generated a lot of public comment about current policies for managing woodlands, including a series of comments on this thread, where a post about the Queensland election somehow turned into a debate about whether or not ‘Greens’ were somehow responsible for the enormity of the Victorian fires.

Given the widely varying opinions expressed on the topic, people may be interested in attending a public seminar being held in Brisbane this coming Wednesday night on “The Role of Fire in Protected Area Management”

The seminar is being hosted by the National Parks Association of Queensland. It will examine the use of fire to protect biodiversity and manage natural and multiuse landscapes.  

It’s being held at the Mount Coot-tha Auditorium at Mount Coot-tha Botanic Gardens

When: Wednesday 15th April 2009 7:30pm
Bookings or more details, contact: Phone 3367 0878 or email

PS In case anyone wanted to know what the Green Party’s official policy is on the issue, as opposed to what Miranda Divine thinks it is, should have a look at this link.

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  1. And Miranda a possible expert on bush fires in Queensland as well !? My only objection to the Greens’ Policy is the Global Warming emphasis, not the statement as such. I am getting a bit bored with my own views,as I also think one of the tragedies of fires in Australia is the lack of use of infrastructure such as the electricity grid and even all those road or under road water deviation culverts.Simply the culverts should have barriers ,to build up a water head for water use requirements. Electric pylons poles and wires running to poles and pylons have a few advantages because of the already cleared spaces.Hanging plastic bags of water from them could be experimented with as well as fire fighting drapes,yet to be invented.Changing local wind and toxicity of smoke by having a large drape cover ,and getting up on top of pylons to fight fire anywhere below maybe handy.Sounds impractical at this stage,but electricity itself isn’t hardly thought about in the mix of tools.Electricity can make useful explosions,as laying a line and dynamiting is still done, I believe. A disconnected line has some immediate length. I also think sand deposits non marine should be available for fighting fires near locations. And what happened to leaf blowers,and scaling up !?.

  2. The seminar sounds as if it would be interesting. I just hope they’re going to include human beings and their homes under the general term “biodiversity”.

    I read The Greens policy, but it doesn’t really tell us what they intend to do in order to achieve their aims.

    It sounds as if they wouldn’t support the importation of bananas from The Philippines, which would definitely keep farmers happy and in work – also with banana diseases being kept out of Australian crops.

    On the whole, I thought the policy sounded as if they think they can control the course of evolution, including having power over Mother Nature and reversing an interglacial period. Perhaps they can walk on water as well.

    The local councillor told me this week that he thinks The Greens’ ideas are too extreme, and he was only talking about the environmental factors – not the broader social issues and associated ramifications.

    In my experience, the local councillor is both moderately and responsibly “green” in his outlook, which is good enough for me.

    He said LNP, Labor & The Greens all said they had no intention of imposing a waste levy (garbage collection and dumpage).

    Would Anna Bligh let a chance to charge another fee go by???

  3. Oh, that’s a shame. I was thinking of going myself, but it’s a hard place to get back from using public transport at night.

    If you find out anything, can you please let us know?

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