Premier takes notice of the blindingly obvious!! Plebiscite cancelled and water recycling to go ahead.

Amazing news in today’s Sunday Mail that Premiers Beattie & Bligh are about to announce they are scrapping the plebiscite planned for March 17th and proceeding with the recycling of water into the drinking supply of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

called for the plebiscite to be scrapped just a few days ago, so I suppose I should be claiming a win and saying the Premier has bowed to the inexorable political pressure I applied to him. However, I’d say this is more a case of reality finally mugging the government so hard they actually felt they had no option but to reluctantly take the most obvious, common sense, safe and smart option. 

Although I notice they still can’t break their habit of using the ridiculous ‘armageddon’ description whenever they talk about recycling (and they wonder why some of the public remain suspicious of it). 

One can only hope that while Mr Beattie is taking notice of the blindingly obvious, he will also take the opportunity to implement another common sense and overdue decision and scrap the destructive, expensive and unreliable Traveston Dam proposal.

It’s also appropriate to pay tribute to the foresight and guts of Di Thorley and the Toowoomba City Council who had the vision to propose recycling years ago.  If Mr Beattie had shown the common sense to support recycling back then, the people of Brisbane and surrounding areas would already have much greater water security.  If only he could now get his equally gutless counterparts in New South Wales and Victoria to take the same sensible decision.  Not even John Howard saying recycling is the way to go has been enough to shame the Labor Premiers into doing what they should have done a long time ago.

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  1. I supported the scrapping of a referendum through the media myself.

    I still think the Traveston Dam should go ahead, as part of a broadbased water management strategy.

    The population is increasing at a rapid pace. We need more water storage facilities.

    Malcolm Turnbull said we had only 18 months supply of stored water left. That was a couple of months ago.

  2. The Qld Water Commission caught wind of the QYADs Water Recycling Forum and contacted me on Tuesday to find out about it.

    They said they would help me out with fact sheets etc but never got back to me once I told them that the “No” campaigners had been invited to speak at the forum.

    We all know that Premier Beattie has been on the phone to the Qld Water Commission all week. Maybe he got wind of our little forum and was worried about the “No” campaign being given a platform.

    Andrew, I’m more than happy to convince myself that the Australian Democrats had something to do with Premier Beattie’s decision!

    Vicki Stocks
    QYADs Convener

  3. Vicki, this may sound silly but what does QYADs stand for? I’m guessing it has something to do with dams.

  4. Andrew, it will be an issue for the voters at that time (no separate poll question). As an example, the Toowoomba City Council election will be fought on whether one of Toowoomba’s dams (which are all owned by the Council) should be connected to Wivenhoe. No connection is contemplated by Beattie until after his Traveston “travesty” Dam is built around 2011.

  5. What you will see is another Beattie backflip and he will ‘save’ south east qld from drinking recycled water, just before the next State election.

  6. QYADs stands for Qld Young Australian Democrats. It is a branch of the Australian Democrats consisting of members aged from 16 to 29 years old.

  7. Anyone who says “No” to recycling water may be condemning us all to death within 16 months.

    I was against it at first, but then found out it has been successfully done in overseas countries for years.

    I suggest people weigh that up against taps that one day may not deliver a single drop of water. Contemplate the results of that.

  8. Wendy:

    There won’t be a backflip on the part of Peter Beattie. He is confident enough of support to go ahead with recycling without a referendum – and I guess he is thinking about his own water taps at home.

    If there was a backflip as you suggest, he’d be doing another kind of backflip in 16 months time – the one where he lands in a coffin, along with the rest of us.

  9. I am flabbergasted that the QLD water commission won’t supply fact sheet to the QYADs for their water recycling forum simply because people from the “No” campaign will be speaking as well as people from the “Yes” campaign.

    The QLD Water Commission is damaging the “Yes” campaign by not providing information. The more information that people have the better and more likely that the “yuck factor” and “NO” campaign can be overcome.

    I think that there should be discussion about the proposals and no side should be excluded from the debate and the other side should not spit the dummy because the opposite view is being represented.

    The scare mongering of the “No” campaign will expose that there is no basis arguments against water recycling.

  10. I actually thought it a decisive action. The alp began moving in the right direction by finally ending its farting around over Mulrunji and this is its second serious decision in a very short period of time.
    As to the dithering aspect, well, compared to the federal government’s handballing of ‘Poo’woomba to the local government there, this has been a paragon of government virtue.
    Then again, I’m not a Queenslander, so I don’t know all that goes on up there. Some of what passes for water and other aspects of environmental policy seem to have been a bit weird in Queensland for decades though, if am any judge.

  11. About time! If only the morons we have here in Victoria (take your pick, labour or liberal, they’re as bad as each other) would have the gumption to realise that there’s millions of litres of drinking quality, or near-drinking quality, water being poured into Port Philip Bay every day, and actually use it in a sane manner (I vote for pumping it into Cardinia Reservoir or similar), we’d not have anywhere near the water issues we currently do.

    We need to get education material out to quell the immediate “ick” factor being pushed by the naysayers.

  12. I can’t believe that Iemma is dragging the chain on this. As a lefty I would hate to think that I have to vote right in the state election, like I know a lot of other normally left leaning New South Welshmen are going to do, to knock some nimby sense into Iemma and the other clowns.
    Now, if only Beattie would join federal politics then we could vote for him down here too.

  13. The Queensland Water Commission and Peter Beattie don’t have time to deal with negative discussion or referenda.

  14. If people are in Brisbane and want to come to the QYADs Water Recycling Forum, it’s on this Thursday the 1st of February at 6.30pm at Southbank TAFE (H Block Auditorium).

    Senator Andrew Bartlett is amongst the speakers on the evening. If you want to know more about how it works, then come along.

    You know Ken, I’ve been trying to think of a logo for QYADs, maybe I’ll look into fury little endangered species for inspiration!!

  15. This like the Antichinas, a little varmint that has titanic battles with tarantulas twice its size.
    After the mating season the males die en masse,barely a year into their lives, owing to the unparalleled exertions of their mating cycle ( please ladies; less nastiness please ), while the females survive to bring up the next generation.

  16. Meh, the polling of late has made it clear that Queenslanders have overcome the massive pyschological barriers to recycled water. One year ago, they had not. Now they have. Thanks to many people, of different political persuations, who have continaully belted on about the issue. Recycled water can not come soon enough, IMO.

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