Prehistoric Sounds in Security City

I’ve already written plenty about the Pig City event. A final few impressions of the occasion are below.

It was wonderful to see the song Pig City, which encapsulates so much of the aura of an era, played live by the original musicians – I can’t imagine that’s likely to happen again. Good to go to a gig at the Uni of Qld again. Great to see so many people I hadn’t seen for so long and to meet a few interesting new people. Bad to have such stupidly long queues for food and drinks. Very special to see and hear Ups & Downs, (even if they were on inappropriately early in the day) – I can’t believe those guys didn’t make it big. Mildly reassuring to go to a rock concert where there were heaps of people older than I am. Fun to hear a couple of Riptides songs. Very irritating that my back always hurts like hell after I’ve been standing up for a few hours. Always good to hear Regurgitator. Somewhat incongruous to hear local ABC radio promoting the event, although good in a way to have the middle of the road recognition. A somewhat left field 3 song Go-Betweens tribute which I’m afraid I didn’t find terribly satisfying. Good to see radio 4ZZZ, which played such an essential part in enabling so much of it to happen, was able to have a stall there. And completely appropriate to have it all topped off by The Saints in full flow at the end – the horn riffs in Know Your Product and Swing for the Crime were mighty fine to hear, and (I’m) Stranded was the total riot it deserved to be. Plenty of other good songs on offer too, although I’m a bit peeved they didn’t play Brisbane (Security City)– maybe it didn’t seem appropriate because it was so cold.

That was my day for fun and reminiscing. I shall speak no more of it. Work awaits.

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  1. Talking of being on inappropriately early, I want to hear how The Apartments sounded.

  2. The Apartments played one of the best sets of the day. In very good form: it was emotive, taut, and strongly delivered, almost a pure distillation of the 70s Brissie punk-pop sound. They should have been higher on the bill for sure. I’ve posted my own review (in progress at time of writing) to

  3. Thanks. Out of all the bands Peter Milton Walsh has played in, I like the Apartments the best. If there is a better Australian album than “The Evening Visits … And Stays For Years,” I don’t know what it is. I was shocked (in a good way) to find out they were playing. I hope they do some Sydney shows!

  4. Yes, it was a shame The Apartments were on so early – annoying to miss such a rare chance to see such an important band.

    For anyone who is a sufficiently big enough fan, here’s a link to some videos on YouTube of the Ups & Downs’ performance. The sound quality isn’t very good (nor is the vision for that matter), but people who are already fans may appreciate it for what they know lies beneath.

    Which does remind me, while I loved hearing Ups & Downs again, it was a tiny bit disappointing that the backing vocals were so low in the mix -their perfect fit harmonies were one of my favourite parts of their sound.

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