Political compass of US President contest

I imagine most people who are interested in politics and trawl around the internet have seen various quizzes which seek to categorise your political views. These have their limitations of course, but can be fun and occasionally interesting. This one is probably the best known.

This one I found (via Crikey) asks you a series of questions in order to ‘determine your position in the political landscape for the USA Presidential election.’  It uses the answers to your question to assess which candidate you might be closest to, as well as seeking to plot you in a specific position on the political landscape.

Given the commentary I’d read about various candidates, I was a bit surprised about where the quiz positions some of them relative to each other, the survey contains various links as part of justifying the assessments they have made about the positions of various candidates. Indeed, I found it the most interesting part of the survey to follow through these links to see the various public statements candidates have made

Not surprisingly, some of the candidates are positioned quite closely to each other, which is another reason why people use the feelings and gut instincts more than pure analytical assessments of policy content to make their voting decisions.

For what it’s worth, I came in closest to Barack Obama, which I wasn’t too surprised or concerned about. Click on this link if you want to have a look for yourself.

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  1. I am close to Edwards,and I cannot say I have kept an eye on him,because I am sort of against what appears to be a problem with some of his connections,and somehow the questions do not really represent the dilemma of low income people in the U.S.A. I find what I disagree with Ron Paul about,whom I think is a highly motivated Republican,is simply that dilemma,rather than matters of moralistic stuff.I remain skeptical of cell and DNA research,because there is abundant evidence that other modalities make it unneeded.He has this problem of American Christianity,and whilst they do a lot of background on atheists and their origins,and humanist views,I cannot see myself having the same tendencies as that.Strange, I pressed for neutral on same sex marriage,finding it difficult to accept the legalistic matters of such to any type of relationship..the intelligence of Arthur Janov seems outside of many of these questions,and he is one of the more important Americans ,I feel is the real U.S.A. Abortion and womens rights are difficult for political construction,because of undercurrents that drag many people down,it remains very disappointing for me that to be concerned about most issues that as an Australian means peering into the U.S.A. Visiting DavidIcke.com and KeeleyNet.com opens up issues that I hope never air in this country.

  2. No way – the American Democrats are on crack if they pick Obama over Hillary!

    Hillary is the surest to win the REAL election, and Obama the surest to lose. He’ll be eaten alive by the Republican dirt machine – whereas Hillary has already been through the fire. I’m so disappointed to see Dems using Republican dirt against Hillary, who has done more than any of the candidates to earn the presidency – AND SHE’S A WOMAN AND A FEMINIST!

    So there. I don’t trust these internet sites to be objective, least of all against Hillary, for whom the intelligentsia has an irrational hatred I simply cannot explain. Latent sexism, I suspect. Also, an aversion on the part of ‘the Left’ to actual victory. :)

    If Obama wins we’ll be replacing malice and incompetence with good intentions and incompetence, at best.

  3. BTW, I did the ‘test’ and got lumped with Obama, even though on individual issues I was consistently in between Hillary and Edwards – on Health I was right on Hillary and Economics on top of Edwards. The only place I lined up with Obama was the meaningless category of ‘Family’. How did this happen? Obama doesn’t actually stand for anything! Oh that’s right – sunshine and love and world peace – he stands for those things, just like a beauty pageant contestant! Grrr. Have people gone completely delusional?

  4. Only if you are Australian,and think your opinion is more worthy on an Australian blog than the vast number of opinions on American blogs,Aron!?So Hilary like Geo W.Bushes wife is a clean skin,no strange road accidents involving boyfriends in another car D.O.D.?Or Girlfriends for that matter!?

  5. I’ve seen some material in the Guardian lately suggesting that the Republican candidates have had a bit more policy debate and differentiation going than the Democrat candidates. The Clinton vs. Obama contest, in particular, seems to be a lot more about personality and different ways of framing the debate than actual policy per se.

  6. What I find the most interesting about this site compared to say the ‘political compass’ is that this one is made by a Netherlands consortium Kieskompas. Its interesting that the Dutch are being involved in USA domestic politics

  7. When I did the quiz, I got Hillary Clinton, but it’s hard to answer some questions when you don’t live in the country.

    I thought she and I disagreed on quite a few things.

    I thought the Clintons had already had their turn – now they turn up again!

    It’s probably because there are more female than male voters – and more females getting into power elsewhere.

  8. Less than 50% of the people vote anyway. The saying, ‘you get the government you deserve’ certainly applies to the US. The Democrats aren’t any better than the Republicans. They all worship the same god – those who make the wealth, protect the wealth at any cost, and believe that it’s OK to invade, occupy, support despots, overthrow democratically elected presidents/governments in order to steal the peoples’resources. Central America, Chile,Indonesia and Africa to name but a few.

    I have so much contempt for them, and probably more for the ignorant masses who believe the BS put out by FOX news and the like. Look no further than the propaganda machine re WMD’s, then it was regime change, now, it’s because “we have to stay the distance” whatever that means. Over 1 million dead Iraqis, 4 million displaced including 1 1/2 million children. They have never even mentioned the horror of Iraq, the cholera outbreaks, the destruction of essential services (of which the US has contravened the Geneva Conventions re the responsibilities of occupation)the aim of stealing Iraqi’s oil! I’ve had the US up to my eyeballs. Even the US tennis players are more outspoken, loudmouthed, insulting, petulant and embarrassing!

    The sad thing is, that due to George W’s revolting and dominating behaviour, there are more people to suffer death and worse(Iran). I’m ashamed that Australia is involved in this carnage, and my wish is, that Bush/Blair and Howard are dressed in orange overalls, with hand cuffs, leg irons and hoods, and marched of to Guantanamo Bay – only for 6 months, not almost 6 years as David Hicks. They’ve broken every law as laid down at the Nuremberg Trials, and unless and until some supposed ‘leader’ rejects these war mongering genocidal policies, I couldn’t give a stuff who does or says what! The Democrats were elected almost 2 years ago on a promise to ‘bring the troops home’. They’ve sold out! Pox on both their houses! Lest we never forget! I certainly won’t!

  9. Thanks for posting the link to this quiz. I Googled for a quiz that could determine which candidate matches my political values closest, and I found this page in the results. The quiz was exactly what I wanted to find, and taking it was good. I feel comfortable now that I know that a quiz matches me up with the candidate I prefer.

  10. #3 Aron- I don’t think Hillary Clinton is a feminist; I acknowledge that she’s female, but there’s a big difference between that and being a feminist. Feminists are not in favour of rich peoples’ wars that send womens’ kids to kill other womens’ kids. Those who suffer the most during wars are women and kids, and this is certainly borne out in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Hillary voted for the invasion of Iraq; she supports Israel blindly, and thus supports the operational genocide that is being conducted against the Palestinians. These are not the actions of a feminists, but a war mongering politician who happens to be a female – big difference. There is nothing about this sort of aggression that even remotely resembles feminism.

    The half-term elections in 2006 turfed the Reps out and the Dems gained the majority in both Houses. They promised the end of the war in Iraq – they lied – they’ve gone to water and should be ashamed to even raise their heads! The Speaker, Dem. Nancy Pelosi promised much until the last seat was declared, she was elected Speaker, and when the first ‘test’ came before them – they caved in to the war mongers, passed the ‘murder budget’ for billions, signed the death warrants of thousands more Iraqis, and sat around during the “surge” that meant 2007 was the bloodiest and most lethal year since March 2003. They are disgusting liars with moneys in oil, munitions, Halliburton and other corporations that are making billions out of misery.

    She is supporting the Oil Law that will steal the just income from the people of Iraq over their biggest and maybe only resourse – oil!This law will be along the lines of an agreement, that will give the majority of profits to British and US oil barons for the next 35 years. They started the work on this long before 9/11. 9/11 was their excuse to invade both Iraq and Afghanistan (oil and gas reserves in the Caspian Sea). The people of the US are being duped,and maybe it’s their own fault!Apathetic!

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