Political cartoon competition

Over the last few months, New Matilda has been running a competition for political cartooning.  It has all boiled down to twelve finalists, with the winning entries being announced tomorrow night (Wednesday 29th) in Sydney. I am one of the judges of the final entries, along with newmatilda.com’s Editor Marni Cordell and satirist Ben Pobjie, renowned cartoonist Bruce Petty, plus Natasha Stott Despoja.

You can see the final entries at this link.  I will be interested to see how closely my favourites match everyone else’s.

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  1. I can’t split the Linday Foyle cartoon from the Lukas cartoon. I’m not obsessed with Brendan Nelson. It’s a coincidence I swear.

  2. One can only wonder whether there will be any Andrew Bartlett inspired cartoons in the next competition.

    Andrew, if you are appointed a judge in the next competition, could you give an undertaking that you wouldn’t use your position as a judge to unjustly disqualify such a cartoon from the competition or to unduly criticise such a cartoon?

  3. Thank you Censor This: despite having been the subject of plenty of political cartoons over the years, I doubt anything featuring me these days would be very amusing, although such things are in the eye of the beholder of course.

    However, I am heartened by your dogged consistency to take every opportunity make baseless insinuations about dodgy behaviour on my part, while consistently attacking people who point out documented examples of censorship and human rights abuses.

    I am, of course, not in any position to ‘disqualify’ a cartoon, regardless of it’s content. I am a judge of content, not a selector of what gets put up for judgement.

    I wouldn’t do so in any case because, unlike you, I have a consistent record of opposition to censorship, including providing ample opportunity, even on my own website, for people to criticise me – even when people don’t even have the basic courage to identify themselves.

  4. Whilst finishing,yet my probably last in a series comment on Murdoch a cartoon political character,if there ever was one,at Road to Surfdom,the code went missing and,even though the thing was sent,the bumpy road he has been traveling is mine.So I now am almost sure,forces are at work that are of neither friendly surf conditions or highway making.But the other choice of the low road, where Murdoch in his Catholic Countenance and knower of all that is work ethic and what is good and right,will find heaven on Earth as it is in the Federal Reserve privately owned American Bank.Uncle Scrooge has outlived Disney.For verily there is no art in Scrooge,and can only swim in what he is use too.Be prepared Andrew this site of yours will probably go through the same thing.

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