Peter Black on the floods, some end of year things + Bris band of the week

My talk with Peter Black on 4ZzZ-FM this week covered a range of topics which regularly appear at the start of a new year, including the release of 30 year old Cabinet papers, new laws coming into effect, end of year lists and campaigning for the next US Congressional elections. We also spoke of the enormous and tragic floods hitting much of Queensland. (You can donate to the public flood appeal at this link.)

Another thing that happens every new year is 4ZzZ’s Hot 100, a poll of listerners’ favourite tunes from the preceding year.  In a nice coincidence, the local band which got the number 1 spot this time is by Tranvsaal Diamond Syndicate.  The band not only found themselves stranded in Rockhampton by the floods – but their winning song, Home, was written about the city.  A very apt candidate for my local band of the week mention.

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  1. Hi Andrew,

    I am stunned that the Federal Government can spend $40m on the floods in Pakistan and just $1m for Queensland, plus a few extra hand outs here and there.

    What are they thinking?

  2. Ann:

    I think you will find that it’s consistent with the worldwide redistribution of populations and wealth, which has been going on for decades.

  3. “I am stunned that the Federal Government can spend $40m on the floods in Pakistan and just $1m for Queensland,”

    I think that this is a sign of poor budget planning and how badly federal Labor has managed their budget. (BTW I am pro Deficit and borrowing for growth).

    The Pakistan flood disaster deserved way more then 40 Million dollars from us. This is an absolute tragedy and the amount of people that will die from Malaria and Cholera would be very severe. The death toll is around 1400 so far.

    Ofcourse Queensland deserves aid and recovery assistance. (I would *guess* that about 3 million people are effected as in Pakistan). Most people who will have died in this tragedy so far are the ones who are actually caught in the flood. I doubt if anyone would die from easily preventable diseases.

    All in all our government should be sending Aid to Queensland. The state needs help and the rebuilding effort will be massive.

    Realistically the best help that the government can provide is “retrospective leglislation to exclude Flood insurance exemption from insurance policies”. I.E. If you have a home and contents policy and there is an exemption clause excluding FLOOD or Drain or Sewrage water, this exemption is revoked! Your thoughts?

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