Peter Black on 4ZzZ

Around 8:30 on the Monday morning radio program I do each week on community radio station 4ZzZ-FM, I talk with Peter Black, a law lecturer, political commentator and social media connoisseur, about some issues of the week.

He posts a recording of these on his blog, so I thought I would link to them here for anyone who is interested in listening to them.  This week’s chat is at this link. On next week’s show I hope to be also talking with Liberal Senators George Brandis and Brett Mason, around about 8am.

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  1. Should certainly be a good interview with the senators, Andrew.

    It would be interesting to see where their personal views lie on issues like climate change, asylum seekers and with as two well-known ‘moderates’ within the party.

    It’s also difficult to understand Senator Mason’s shadow ministry – his Universities portfolio is an outer ministry, yet the Liberal Nationals didn’t seem to like Gillard’s idea of splitting up schools and tertiary education into two seperate cabinet positions.

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