Other Bombings & Killing of Innocents

Just to show that nutbars who set off bombs and kill innocent people come in a range of colours and religions, here are links to a couple of stories from the USA.

The first is about a guy who set off the bomb at the Atlanta Olympics. He has been sentenced to life in prison for that bombing and three other bomb attacks, including on an abortion clinic and a lesbian nightclub. In Court he stated that the bombings, which killed two people and injured hundreds, “were part of a guerrilla campaign against abortion, “the homosexual agenda” and the U.S. government.”

The second story is about a man who is accused of killing his three year old son by repeatedly hitting him around the head “in an effort to prevent him being gay”. According to the boy’s aunt, “he was trying to teach him how to fight. He was concerned that the child might be gay.” The defendant’s Bible-study friend told the court “he didn’t want him to be a sissy.”

(stories found through Sanctified Heresy)

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  1. Worth remembering Timothy McVeigh as well, who was ex-army and white.
    I think it’s a relief in more ways than one that the second London attacks were unsuccessful… now we have living breathing suspects who may offer some useful insight into the motivations behind such attacks, rather than just bemoaning the incomprehensible evil of terrorists.

  2. Surely we should be looking at the root causes of these attacks. Maybe those pushing the homosexual agenda need to change their policies.

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