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Just as well my New Year resolutions of 2015 didn’t include blogging more, as I only did 9 posts all year. Having said that, 6 of those blog posts were in January, so maybe I did make that resolution without remembering it – one of the benefits of not writing resolutions down I guess.

I did write a couple of resolutions down last year – to try to do more to reduce the impact and power of hate-mongers in our country, and to try to have fewer people claiming there is a budget emergency to justify cuts to social services and income support. I feel like I didn’t do enough as I should have on either front – I didn’t expect that I would be able to single handedly achieve these outcomes, just do more things to help push the tide in a better direction – so perhaps writing these things down doesn’t make such a difference after all.

But I’ll have another try at doing better at both in 2016. Hate-mongering has definitely got worse in the last twelve months, and even though Tony Abbott is no longer our national leader and thus less able to facilitate this from quite such an influential position, he is also now more freed up to give more explicit voice to such things himself and to give more direct encouragement/support to his far too many fellow travellers.

And whilst the term ‘budget emergency’ might have gone a little bit out of fashion – not least because the Liberal/Nationals have shown themselves to be complete failures at budget managers, even on the terms they themselves set – there is certainly no let up in governments and commentators using ‘savings’ as an excuse to gun for people on low incomes and on the services that these people are most reliant on. Less than a month ago, the release of the latest update on the federal government’s budget situation provided the (barely tenable) justification for proposing yet another round of attacks on the most vulnerable.

Still, the times during 2015 when I feel I did best at living up to those two resolutions coincided strongly with when I was feeling healthier and more together personally. Which has made me think that some of those more traditional New Year resolutions aimed at personal improvement could be worthwhile after all. I might even write them down! 2015 was a very up and down year for me, with quite a lot of changes – and having a year with some ups was a definite improvement on years without any. Something to build on even.

more to come

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  1. I would just keep plugging on with it, Andrew. I firmly believe that both of the major parties and the Greens support a global flattening agenda which is tied to various international agreements. If it were not so, the ACTU would not be sending a representative to a global union body, the Greens would not be enabling the major parties to crush the lower middle class or force Aussie farmers from their land. It seems clear that globalisation is incompatible with individual nations retaining their national sovereignty, which also appears to be tied to the superannuation system.

    I think the main driver of racism and religionism is unemployment. Added to this, the media overplays and sensationalises various minor incidents involving “terrorism”. I would like to see those who wish to honour the dead place a single flower on the designated site and donate money normally spent on bunches of flowers to the homeless and the destitute.

    I am also sick of hearing from both sides of the climate change debate, neither of which can produce data covering a sufficient period of time to support their largely money grubbing and redistributionist agendas.

  2. I finally kept one of my New Years’ resolutions and went on a trip to Tasmania, where I learned that the Chinese are now milking 40,000 dairy cows to serve their own milk powder market. In one place, the Japanese had 22,000 beef cattle in feed lots.

    I also heard that graziers who are having to bring in extra feed for their stock are now being labelled “lot feeders” in order to force Aussie graziers from their land during times of drought. I was quite astounded to find out how drought stricken Tasmania is at the current time.

    I was also shown a large stockpile of timber being sent to China for processing, and huge numbers of empty houses formerly occupied by miners.

    I believe the only ways to preserve our national sovereignty and to create Australian jobs is to withdraw from various international agreements that are being misused, and slowly and carefully do away with the superannuation industry OR find a way of ensuring that Aussie superannuation holdings are fully managed and invested in wholly owned Australian enterprises which are not subject to global profit shifting and income tax evasion.

    Andrew, I wish you a healthy and prosperous new year. I think the tide is turning on the major parties, but progress is slow due to undemocratic media and lack of equal funding for candidates.

    Now that our commercial port of Darwin is controlled by the Chinese, hopefully there will be a major swing against the “Woolworths and Coles” of politics.

  3. Well Andrew even if your own side of politics are ignoring your posts it is fairly obvious that your opposition still views you as a threat. I think that you can take this as a compliment. I am amazed at the names that appear in Letters to the Editor Pages it is seldom a day goes by without an ex Com or ex DLP still fighting the good battle.

    There is still a battle to win between the totalitarian left and the democratic middle ground. The Com’s have successfully infiltrated the Greens just as the uniformed fascists of the 60’s and 70’s have infiltrated the now un-uniformed fascist groups in Australia. What a choice we face eco-fascism, fascism or the two major parties full of self serving money grubbers.

    Senator DI Natale’s Christmas message managed to remove all mention of Christ. Just as Bob Brown’s last Christmas message was godless.

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a permanent holiday to the Green Senators who you represent.

    Andrew Jackson

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