Olympian efforts to protest

I thoroughly recommend reading this fabulous account in the New York Times (found via The Interpreter) of the Chinese Communist Party government’s efficiency in ‘regulating’ protest demonstrations during the Olympics.

they spent nearly an hour going over the myriad rules for demonstrations. These were detailed and complex, and, most daunting, I would have to submit a list of every single person attending my demonstration. The list had to include names and identity document numbers.

According to the ABC’s website, “Beijing city authorities say they have received 77 applications for demonstrations in the specially designated Olympic protest parks but none have been cleared to take place.”

I can hear Joh Bjelke-Petersen chuckling admiringly in his grave over this method for issuing permits for the ‘right’ to demonstrate.

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  1. I like the idea that 74 had been withdrawn because the problems had been ironed out through consultation.

    We need a system like that here; it’s clearly spectacularly effective at resolving disputes.

  2. Actually Andrew, I can see him rolling in his grave when he’s realised he’s just like the Chinese.

  3. I suspect that Joh would be laughing too.And he got on well with the Chinese! And seeing the gerrymander in Queensland was originally a ALP one,we have a National -Labor Party Federal Leader,whose whole existence politically is a one house politics ,unless Andrew here can recall talking to him in Canberra.So whilst a third of your bloggers think it is a good thing,another third,thinking he would have roll your own space in the grave..I contend something else again.Poor old Iemma and his motley crew,must be wondering ,if they could borrow more attitudes from China.And being run by the unions is back in town,as statement, even when power failures are not essentially caused by them.And tonight is both foggy and frosty in nature,and my beanie hasn’t left my head.

  4. It is amazing how Andrew manages to selectively quote sources. Here are some further details from the report:

    “74 of the applications have been withdrawn because the problems have already been ironed out through consultation.” (Is this an Olympian effort to protest or an Olympic achievement? Who would have thought people with grievances could reach a resolution with their government).

    “Two other applications were denied because the application procedures were incomplete and the remaining one protest application was vetoed by police.”

  5. Selective!! I’m very happy to have that part highlighted too, Censorship fan!

    You apologists for authoritairan thugs really don’t have a clue do you?

    The only reason I didn’t add the bit you helpfully highlighted as well is because I didn’t want to look like I was laying it on too thickly, given how many times I’ve already pointed out the extreme human rights abuses of the Chinese communist government (and the fact that could people could read it for themselves through the link I provided).

    I’m sure you’d withdraw an application for a protest (or for pretty much anything at all) once you’d had it privately explained behind closed doors what the personal consequences might be for you down the track if you proceeded with your application.

    A free ticket to spend a few years with the many thousands of other people who are already in the ‘re-education through labour’ camps would probably be a sufficient incentive to ‘withdraw’ I would think.

  6. With the Beijing Olympics coming to a close, Andrew’s Olympic themed anti-Chinese posts will also come to a close. It’s a shame Andrew couldn’t have done something to support the Australian athletes competing in the Olympics (though this would be off-topic from an anti-Chinese post).

  7. In your dreams, Censor This.

    People can look through every post I’ve done on China. They won’t find an “anti Chinese” post, because I’ve never done one. Indeed, I’ve made a point a number of times of highlighting the significant and long-standing connections Chinese people have with Australia, despite the appalling White Australia era and attitudes.

    But I will continue to highlight the major human rights abuses and failings of the Chinese government – not least because there is no sign those abuses will be ending any time soon. And seeing the Chinese people are seriously restricted from speaking out about the abuses inflicted by their own government, it is all the more incumbent on the rest of us to draw attention to what their government is doing.

    You might be happy to be an apologist for authoritarian thuggery – perhaps a bit of nationalist “oi, oi, oi” in the sporting stadium matters more for you – but I’m not.

  8. I take it you didn’t watch the closing ceremony and you didn’t support the Australian athletes who competed in the spirit of friendship?

  9. You really don’t get it, do you Censor This? The world can’t be reduced to a polarised equation, where you either support basic human rights or you support waving a flag at athletes.

    Your name obviously shows you’re happy to support censorship. Can I take it you also support re-education through labour, torture and executions without fair trials?

  10. Andrew – while I understand and generally agree with the thrust of the direction you aer coming from here, I also think it very worth your while to read Keating’s piece in yesterdays SMH. As ever with PJK thought provoking and challenging.

  11. The name “Censor This” is used to see whether you would hide behind your Comments Policy to justify censoring out a post – you being the arbiter in applying the policy.

  12. It’ll be interesting to see whether Andrew attends tomorrows Olympic Welcome Home Parade in Brisbane. Andrew was always vague as to whether he supported Australian athletes competing in China. It really was a shame that Andrew couldn’t bring himself to support of the Olympic movement.

  13. Pffft.

    I’ve done a whole heap of posts pointing to and expressing support for the stated principles of the Olympic movement.

    I just wish the IOC would support those principles. Even if the IOC can’t, perhaps at least you finally could fully support the principles of the Olympic movement, Censor This?

    You’ve been unable over a period of months to make a single comment even faintly critical of the censorship of the Chinese government, let alone their other even more serious human rights abuses.

    Here’s your final chance to stand up for the Principles of Olympism.

    It’s not just about waving a flag you know.

  14. Ken:

    I hate to be the arbiter of bad news, but local councils can now look directly into your backyard using satellite technology.

    I bet there are plenty of others who could do the same. If your curtains are open, who knows what they might see.

  15. They don’t do it live, Lorikeet. They use photos that were taken a few years ago. I’ve used Brisbane’s system, and you can’t see through windows.

    And for the record, I didn’t go to the welcome home parade either. Partly because I had work to do and partly because I’m not fond of huge noisy crowds – even if it is to see Stephanie Rice.

  16. I’m disappointed – well, no, disgusted – that the Paralympians weren’t waited for .. why not have a combined welcome parade?

  17. If I lived closer to Sydney, I’d go to the welcome home for the Paralympians – they’re all champions aren’t they? I have nothing against the able bodied people, they’re great, but I think the Paralympians are fantastic – I can only imagine how much effort it takes to be so committed – and they got heaps more medals too! Next time I might have a set top box and be able to watch more of them. I’m not ashamed to admit, that their efforts had me shed tears a few times. Perhaps they like to be apart – I don’t recall hearing any of them being asked. They’re going to be welcomed in each State, so that’s great! I hadn’t even heard of ‘sit down’ Volley ball – how amazing is that? And those people playing basketball in wheel chairs? Wow! Get out of my way is their message. The net is at the same height as those who run on legs – didn’t seem quite fair to me – but the game is mostly the same, except for stopping the clock when some ones chair tips over?

    Incidently, I heard of a student at a school who was suspended because he wore a ‘Free Tibet” shirt. The other students immediately supported him, but another student was suspended for that too! I’ve also read about the police brutality during the Republican Convention in the US – people bashed, arrested, intimidated and police used a lot of violence, task force smashing in doors where ‘meetings’ were being held, or protesters staying etc – so, yet again exhibitions of ‘democracy’ being treated as a nice word. Police in NSW intimidating peace activists and others, for exercising their democratic right to protest against war, poverty etc.They probably have me on file too? A mate of mine had a few ribs broken demonstrating against Bjelke Petersen years ago. I couldn’t have met the members of my family on a street corner – against Joh’s fascist laws? Such a terrible ‘threat’ to ‘our way of life’? Good word, ‘democracy’, nice concept?

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