New Matilda reborn

Back in May, I noted the closure of New Matilda, a website which provided one of the few independent political media outlets in Australia. Creating a viable financial model for such projects is difficult, and they weren’t able to consistently cover their costs.

However, they are obviously a determined bunch at New Matilda, as they are giving it another go. The website was resurrected last week, and rather than rely on advertising, they are now seeking direct financial support from readers to maintain operations. They are giving themselves until the end of December to raise enough money to keep going.

In the meantime, they will continue to provide a range of mostly good quality articles on a wide variety of topics.  I’ve had a number of pieces published by them over the years.  I’ve just had one published there on how I see the new Parliament unfolding, and what the new paradigm will be like in practice.

Please consider giving New Matilda your support.

(In case this appears like cross-promotional cash for comment, I should note that I haven’t received payment for articles I’ve written for New Matilda)

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