Movember – where blokes grow a moustache as part of encouraging people to provide donations to a good cause – is one of a number of similar sorts of activities which have flourished in recent; from World’s Greatest Shave (which raises money to fight leukemia) to Red Nose Day (which raises funds to help reduce Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

I’ve never participated directly in these sorts of activities before, although I’ve donated to many others who have. It’s rather late in the month to be getting into it, but none the less for a bunch of reasons I thought I’d do the Movember thing this time – click here if you’d like to donate.

Movember aims to raise funds and awareness for men’s health issues, particularly prostate cancer and depression.  I’ve written/spoken a reasonable number of times over the years about me & depression, and both my father and his father died from prostate cancer, so if there was one cause I might choose to support more directly, I guess this one is as good as any.

I sometimes find the competing efforts to get attention / support / funds for a wide range of different diseases and causes a bit disconcerting, not least because to a large extent the various charitable organisations are effectively competing against each other for funds. But having said that, Australians in general could do a lot better at supporting charitable and other philanthropic activities, and it is only human that people are more likely to support an issue which has directly affected themselves or family friends – whether it be diabetes, mental health, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, donating organs, etc.

Anyway, I’m doing the Movember thing – although as astute readers may be aware I already have a moustache (and beard). So rather than grow a mo, I’ll be shaving off all the non-mo bits of facial hair at the end of the month, and see what I come up with.

I’ll publish some pictures on this blog – the more donations, the more varieties of moustache I’ll provide photos for, and the longer I’ll leave it on for.

Any form of cancer sucks. Prostate cancer has the aspect to it where blokes are reluctant to get checked for it, because it can be embarrassing and awkward to get checked (although women having to get a pap smear can’t be any more pleasant), and the treatment for it when it’s discovered can have less than ideal side effects and is not always guaranteed to work.. None the less, all men over 40 should get tested and checked for this, especially if there is any family history.

As for depression, I’ve written about it on this blog before.  I’m still somewhat conflicted about how government and the community at large can best approach, talk about and where possible help address this issue. Funds raised from Movember in part go to Beyond Blue: the national depression initiative.  (and sorry to divert attention from a worthy cause, but I have to say that while I do admire Jeff Kennett for the work he has done this area, I still find it hard to forgive his comments a couple of years ago regarding the sacking of a football trainer who happened to be bisexual and suggesting this was similar to having a pedophile working in such a role – we can all say dumb things off the cuff, but as far as I know he’s never apologised for these comments)

You can donate to Movember by clicking here – either in support of my specific effort, or if you prefer just generally to the cause without it being linked to my name.

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