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Pirate Party

The possibility of people getting elected to the Senate with virtually no public support has been greater coverage, with a piece in today’s SMH and Antony Green letting fly about it on the ABC this morning.

Given this is how the Senate voting system works, it’s probably idealistic to hope that people wouldn’t try to game it. And it’s certainly very common for parties of all sizes to look at doing preference deals to improve their chances.

Of course I’ll be voting for the Greens, and given how difficult it is to be sure where your preferences might end up with many micro parties doing deals across some very wide ideological divides, going with a larger party is a safer way to go.

But I thought I’d mention one party who took an interesting approach to deciding their Senate preferences – one which was both transparent and driven primarily by preferencing parties with similar views on the party’s core issues; namely the Pirate Party. Whilst there have been Pirate Parties in some European countries for a while, and they’ve even had some success in getting people elected in Germany, this is the first time the Pirate Party have stood in Australia.

Check out this link if you want to read about the process the Pirate Party followed –

And if you want to get a clearer idea of where the Senate preferences for all the other parties are going, check out this graphic from The Global Mail.

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