Malalai Joya still speaking her mind

A couple of months ago I wrote about a speech I witnessed in Brisbane by Malalai Joya, a 28 year old female member of the Afghanistan Parliament. Among many other things, she has spoken out against the warlords who have seats in the Parliament and opposed recent legislation which granted an amnesty for any war crimes committed within the last 25 years.

According to a report in the UK Independent, she has run into some more strife for calling it as she sees it:

The most outspoken female MP in Afghanistan has been expelled from parliament after saying proceedings had descended to a level “worse than a zoo”.

Ms Joya’s suspension yesterday came after a tape of her interview with Tolo TV, an independent station which has faced official wrath over some of its investigative reports, was shown to MPs. Describing what was happening in parliament, she had said: “A stable or a zoo is better, at least there you have a donkey that carries a load and a cow that provides milk. This parliament is worse than a stable or a zoo.”

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  1. Andrew Bartlett:
    Good on her.

    Maybe her stand will force some of her male critics to read what their Prophet placed in their Koran about how honourable men should respect women.

  2. This is what really annoys me about Howard and Bush, etc. They’re so busy going off fighting imaginary threats and their own people that they have dropped the ball on helping the people who really need our support – The Aung Sung Su Kyis and Malalai Joyas of the world.

  3. Malalai Joya has shown great persistence in the face of ongoing threats on her life. What a courageous woman in such a dangerous and male-dominated environment! Yes, it is people like her who deserve our support, as one way of helping Afghan communities who are trying to rebuild their shattered country.

  4. I heard about Malalai Joya last week and was heartened. I’m always watching for independent thinkers both in and outside politics.

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