Lordi (reprise)

I just discovered a minor bit of ironic musical trivia through an email list I’m on, and I thought I’d write it down here before I forgot it.

Readers may recall Finland’s recent triumph in the Eurovision song contest with the unexpected win by the demonic bubblegum metal band Lordi (that’s how I describe them anyway).

Readers probably also noticed the brief flurry of commentary about the perceived satanic symbolism of 6th June this year, with the Biblical number 6-6-6 getting global prominence for a day (not that I noticed things being any more (or less) evil than usual).

My attention was drawn to the official Finnish album chart of a couple of months ago, which showed the current chart position, the previous week’s chart position and then the number of weeks the album has been charting. Lordi’s album “The Arockalypse” stands out nicely with 6 6 6 beside their name.

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  1. Jeez! I believe ….!! ( The Larvatus Prodeo site had an amusing thread on “666” a fortnight ago; if now archived, it can still be viewed)

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