Listen in to Choose Mics

Hip hop fans in Brisbane might be interested in tuning in to my radio show on 4ZZZ FM this Monday morning around 7:30am. I’ll be talking with the Gold Coast based duo Choose Mics, who are launching their debut full length album Beggars Can’t Be Choosers at the Step Inn in the Valley this coming Friday night as part of what will be a big night for fans of hip-hop/rap/urban sounds, with Brisbane’s The Optimen also launching their second album “The Out of Money Experience” as part of the same event.

Even though there is a steady stream of musical offerings in Brisbane, a double album launch of this magnitude doesn’t come along every day of the week, so I’ll dedicate a half hour or so to exploring not just the words and sounds of Choose Mics, but getting a broader overview from them of the hip hop related scenes locally and nationally.

Hip-hop hasn’t been one of my preferred musical genres, but as with so many styles, the local music scene has produced a growing number of creative and credible performers in this field. Choose Mics/Optimen dual album launches Once you start exploring it, it’s amazing what you find. However, I don’t profess to be up to date with all of it, so it’ll be a good chance for me to get a better idea of where it’s all at.

The depth and diversity of the local music scene in south-east Queensland continues to amaze me – not so much because of the number of musicians, performers and artists, but the wide range of styles and even wider ranging genre-crossing creativity.

PS If you are a hip hop fan, make sure you tune into ZZZ every Friday night from 8-10 pm for Phat Tape. (4ZZZ is streamed through the web, so wherever you are in the world, you can still give it a try).

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