Lions farewell Brad Scott – and Aker

I was at Don Chipp’s funeral today – more on that later. Meanwhile – as perhaps befits Don’s status as a former Fitzroy player (albeit only 3 or so senior games and a lifetime as a very strong Carlton fan) – this post is about the Lions final game for the season.

Tonight’s game was the last for Brad Scott and also was the last game where Jason Akermanis could be called a Lion.

I appreciate that there is little room for sentiment in modern footy, but I think it is a real shame that Aker didn’t get to play a final game for the Lions, especially at the Gabba.
I have a strong inbuilt aversion for lairs, loudmouths and showboats, but in recent years I found myself drawn against my instincts to feeling great admiration for Jason Akermanis – not to mention other mouther-offerers like Anthony Mundine.

I think it boils down to recognising that people that ‘talk it up’ are a major pain in the neck if they just poonce around, but are doubly admirable if they manage to walk the talk, which Jason (and Anthony Mundine) have done in spades. I have a big admiration for Leigh Matthews and Michael Voss (who simply has to play another season), and I don’t know all the internal stuff that went down so I don’t dispute that the right decision was probably made not to play Aker for the last few games of the season, but ……..whatever happened to that great old ‘principle’ of “bugger that, he deserves special recognition anyway, because he’s a special bloke who’s made a unique contribution”.

As I said, I don’t know anything about any of any the internal issues, and I have never met any of the people involved. Despite all that, I just think it’s a really big shame, and it would have been really good for the club if they could have found a way to give Aker a last game at the Gabba as a Lion. I know nobody is bigger than the club/team and all that, but maybe support for the team is bigger than just the Club (as in ‘don’t totally dismiss how the fans feel’)

Anyway, well done and goodbye to Brad Scott and Jason Akermanis – you are both feisty fabulous and successful competitors in a very demanding competition who’ve done Brisbane proud (and don’t retire just yet Vossy).

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  1. i to think it would have been nice to see aker play for one more game for brisbane .
    we mite see him at another club next year .
    anyway go freo

  2. I’m with Andrew on Aker. If he was playing for any other club, I’d probably hate him. But because he played for Brisbane, I loved him. I think it’s a pity that he’s no longer playing for the Lions – for whatever reason.

    I just can’t understand those fans who hzve decided to leave the club over it. I’m a fan of the team rather than one individual.

  3. What great players both of them have been for Brisbane. Everyone keeps talking about the controversy over Akermanis but what about remembering he was part of 3 brisbane premierships and was a massive instigator in two of them. Whilst the club is rebuilding its young players for the future and many old Lions are either retiring (or leaving) I just think in this transition phase of this club they have all gone a little bit mad!!!

    There is no doubt Aker was not media shy – I wonder if any political parties have tried to poach him before other AFL clubs do?


  4. Sean

    I must say I found the speculation a little while back that Akermanis might stand as a Labor Party candidate quite perplexing. I don’t doubt the genuineness of his reported support for Labor, but I just can’t see that one working. If he thought Leigh Matthews didn’t like his outspokeness, just wait until he sees what major party political discipline requires.

    The big appeal of Akermanis (apart from his football skills of course) is his willingness to say what he thinks, which is most definitely NOT a trait that major parties look for in their candidates.

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