Last refugee on Nauru to be free

Some very welcome news has come through that the last of the original refugees on Nauru, Mohammed Sagar, has finally been offered resettlement in another country – reportedly in a Scandinavian country. I have written about him and his Iraqi compatriot, Mohammad Faisal, on this website a number of times – here and here are some examples. This article by Michael Gordon in the Sydney Morning Herald has the latest details on the ending of Sagar’s imprisonment. This article by Mr Gordon from September this year gives much more detail about the background.

Faisal is currently in a hospital in Brisbane. In a legal sense he is in detention, as he can’t hold a visa due to a negative security assessment, which he is still unable to appeal. However, because he was able to apply for a visa after he was brought to Australia, this has triggered the possibility of a new assessment which will hopefully be favourable this time around. I visited him in the hospital and I know it is still a hard struggle for him to have no clear future more than five years after arriving on Nauru. I also know there are a lot of people trying to find a solution. I am hopeful they will achieve this, but I also hope it as soon as possible, as the harm done has already been significant.

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