Just when you think they can’t go any lower ……

I wrote last week about some of the cowardly cheap shots at Muslim Australians being indulged in by some federal MPs from the ‘Liberal’ Party, spruiking some half-truths and lies in an effort to grow and garnish the minority bigot vote. Such lazy Muslim bashing is sadly far from uncommon, even amongst some people in leadership positions.

But that has been well and truly outstripped this week by Liberal Scott Morrison’s decision to politicise the funerals of children in order to encourage and validate hatred towards asylum seekers. It is hard to find words to adequately describe just how contemptible and socially divisive and destructive this sort of pre-meditated manufacturing of malice is.  However, in this instance I don’t need to try to find the words, as Grog’s Gamut has outlined in detail the depths of dismal depravity the ‘Liberals’ are now willing to sink to. He also helpfully outlines some facts (a component of political and public debate that is becoming scarcer by the day) regarding some of the types of government support for bereavement and funerals in various circumstances.

I recommended clicking here to read Grog’s post in full.

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  1. Indded, as one commenter says on tha blog – leadership brings a responsibility to do more than just whip up a frenzy for short-term gain to your “cause”.

  2. Well they are scraping the barrell as to real issues. Like labor, if they tell the truth on privatisations amnd other issues that actually involve reality, they are in trouble with vested interests. That leaves “the spoils of defeat”; all the petty morals/ law and order type dross a the bottom of the baskets, because all you can do aboard the Titanic is rearrange the deck chairs.

  3. I think anyone who wants to make political mileage out of the grief of asylum seekers, many of whom lost their entire families in this tragedy, is shooting him/herself in the foot.

    So instead of getting angry about it, we are wise to sit back and watch them all as they fall on their swords and cop some electoral crap.

    Our society now contains large numbers of people from every race, religion and culture. No one with any brains would deal deliberate insults to a growing voter base of multi-cultural or multi-national origin.

    BTW on tonight’s news, there was speculation that Anna Bligh may go to the polls before the end of the year, no doubt trying to make rapid political mileage out of a national disaster before the people of Queensland can regroup.

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