1. If I am cruel to my dog, I may be prosecuted. Dog fighting is illegal. Yet these people are knowingly and publicly putting their animals into a situation where the odds are high that injury will occur, and yet it is legal to do so. And when that injury occurs, and the animal becomes of no further financial value, it is put to death. Doesn’t make any sense that this practice should continue in a ‘civilised’ community such as we claim to live in. The ban is definitely overdue.

  2. Richard Francis: I’ve no connection with horse racing, breeding etc, but it seems that your comparison with dog fighting is odd (unless perhaps the horses fell during an equestrian trackside brawl).

    I recall that there was some rough statistic of something like one in ten falls in recent times, but doubt that this would be typical (or indeed, economically acceptable as a business proposition for the owners).

    It’s also worth mentioning that surely the jockeys are putting their own lives on the line at the same time …. if there’s a case against the sport, surely we should be more concerned about the human impact.

  3. GZG. The jockeys have a choice the horses don’t!
    Australian horses that are put into jump races are failed flat horses, they are not bred for jumping . Jump jockeys whom are former flat jockeys now overweight, turn to jump races for an income.

    Horses do not naturally jump, unless in a panic!

  4. GZG:

    Thats right in any decent society thats where our concerns should lie.
    (It reminds me of a popular Green party saying ” we’re not against life,
    we’re only against human life”. In Togret’s mind it could mean “She’s only against Anglo Saxon Male Life”.
    I havent had much experience with horse jumping but if its anything like horse racing it would be cruel not to let a thoroughbred run in a race.
    When watching young race horses they cant wait to get out for a run and its not uncommon to see them acknowledging the crowd. (Gunsynd’s favorite was a dace in front of the members stand as the crowd cheered.

    Yes wonderful creatures.


  5. Yes, quite apart from jump racing contributing to the gambling problem, the injury and death rates are much too high for the practice to be tolerated any longer.


    I’ve never been in to dog fighting but as everyone says on this site
    “All to his own”


  7. Tony: I don’t know where you developed this unwarranted assumption from: ‘In Togret’s mind it could mean “She’s only against Anglo Saxon Male Life”.” but it says a lot more about you than it does about me, since you know nothing about me.

    I won’t be back – I’m sorry to note that this blog has degenerated. I have study to do, and this simply isn’t worth my time any more. Best wishes to all who are interested in a discussion as opposed to sledging. It is no wonder that the DLP has died off, with a few polyps clinging to its rump – they are still living int he 1950s, when their kind were holding the reins.

  8. Togret, I do hope you reconsider, as IMO you’ve consistently made positive contributions to discussion on this blog. I’ve always looked forward to reading your comments.

    In any case, I doubt whether many people give much credence to Tony’s gratuitous slurs – he’s a bit too reminiscent of Sir Les Paterson.

  9. Togret:

    Just let it all flow like water off a duck’s back. After all, you have made a few insulting comments yourself. No one’s perfect.

    Some bloggers are younger males, and therefore haven’t experienced the world through older people’s eyes.

    You and I both know that paedophilia and discrimination against women are still alive and well in this so-called democratic society. Last night’s news showed a typical example.

    The truth is not sexism.

  10. Please read Herald/Sun 29th July regarding our proposal to ban jumping around Australia. Stop it now before any other horse meets it deadly fate

  11. Banning jumps racing is wrong. The argument is that humans have control over these animals and that thus we should try to prevent their suffering. But all life has suffering, so are you suggesting we ban all racing? Sooner later any animal will injure itself and and suffer. The cruellest thing is nature itself. If we follow on from this should we prevent wild animals from suffering ie cull them? This is preposterous, but in essence this is what you are arguing for since we have the means to end the suffering of these animals! A ban on jumps racing will simply mean that the horses that aren’t fit for other forms of racing will end up at the abattoir. There will simply be less horses.

    Who are you to decide whether an animal exists or not? This constant anthropomorphism is ridiculous. But suppose I follow your train of thought, I bet a horse would prefer to jump race than to be dead, in fact I would say most of them live for racing, it is in a horses nature to want to be in front, they love it. Since they do not have much power of forethought they do not consider the potential pain they may endure if they injure themselves. So what? If we really want to end suffering we should end all life. This is ridiculous. At some stage there has to be an acknowledgement that some injuries and suffering may occur in any endeavour involving animals or any life at all.

  12. i think it should be banned if you don’t know how to jump but should be legall for jumping horses and you should only have the poles that fall over instead of the walls but horse ridding is a good sport and if your willing to risk yah life to ride then u should be allowed…… wat do jumping hores is bad but bull fighitng is allowed when ur the ones reving up a bull and getting it agtated to get a laugh now thats cruel so people should think bout other sports that alot more harmful…. horse also die in paddocks cause we have fence around so its just as cruel to leave thyem in a paddock
    terrii xxx

  13. Toby,
    You touched on something that is always missed in this debate, by both sides, but especially by those who would ban horse racing. That’s the anthropomorphizing effects of the sport as being the very genesis of the feeling against it. The grace, the courage, the nobility horses show in competitive flight has elevated them in the common mind above the chicken, the pig, the cow. Millions of the latter can be slaughtered after brief, confined, brutal, joyless lives with no outcry…and nary a thought. While the deaths of a relative few racehorses after relatively pampered lives filled with activity they were born to elicits such empathy and emotional outporing.
    I don’t know what the inner life of any animal is like. I generally think it richer than we tend to suspect. But I don’t believe that of the horse’s is any richer than that of the chicken, pig or cow. And I would argue the reason we think it so can be attributed to racing. So, if you want to make an argument about the end to all animal exploitation I’m willing to listen. Of course, you have to be willing to admit that in many cases, including that of thoroughbreds, that means the end of their raison d’etre. And I think a much poorer world.

  14. PS
    I was addressing you only at the beginning of my post. The “you” of the last sentences is the anti-racing crowd.

  15. Kyle:

    The main way in which a horse differs from a chicken, pig or cow is that it is generally not considered a food animal for human consumption.

    But I think you might find horse meat in cans of dog food.

  16. All this horrific exploitation of horses only confirms my view, that capitalism encourages some pretty horrible sides of human beings. The rule is, if you can make a dollar (or heaps) out of it, it’s OK. I think it’s cruel and unnecessary. I put it in the same compartment as cock fighting and dog fighting etc. It’s barbaric! The same attitude forces pigs to breed in confined spaces; chickens with broken legs due to confined spaces; cats and dogs forced to breed over and over for the pet shop industry – when they’re no longer useful they’re put down? On and on it goes. It disgusts me. I’ve never heard a horse say they enjoy this so-called ‘sport’ and if they refused they’d probably be put out to pasture or sent to the knackery! Please don’t try and make it sound like a noble profession!

    When I read about such cruelty, and people condoning it, I’m reminded why I like Whales more than most humans. Would a Whale engage in this behaviour? I rest my case!
    One heartening piece of recent news, is that the European Parliament has voted overwhelmingly (550 votes for and only 49 against the Seal Ban)to ban the import of Seal products from Canada! Next – the great Whales!YES!

  17. Naomi:

    Yes, capitalism is bad in many ways, but would you prefer to live with communism?

    The Chinese government now has mobile execution vans to TERMINATE HUMAN BEINGS who don’t agree with them, also stealing body organs for sale.

    Issues of animals living in confined spaces and being slaughtered for food pale by comparison.

    You may prefer whales to most humans but, come what may, I will stick up for the rights of a human being over an animal or tree any day.

  18. Lorikeet,
    Man doesn’t live by bread alone. And meat consumption is not necessary for human survival, certainly not so at the levels presently consumed. And in fact there are serious negatives for health and the environment. While racing is a net positive for the environment as it helps to maintain green spaces.
    As for Naomi, I’m not sure what to say other than had only Orwell been privy to your thoughts perhaps he’d have enlightened us about a world ruled by whales and marxists.

  19. It’s disgusting!! Please ake a look a the truth!!!


    They weigh at least 70 stone, they have legs supported by ankles the size of humans’ and they are forced to run at speeds of more than 30 miles per hour while carrying people on their backs. Whips and blinkers are visible reminders that horse racing is merely another form of animal exploitation, but behind the scenes, the picture worsens considerably. Racehorses are victims of a multibillion-pound industry that is rife with drug abuse, injuries and race-fixing, and many horses’ careers end in slaughterhouses.

  20. Kyle:

    I don’t know what makes you think that horse racing is a “net positive for the environment”. To my knowledge, a race course is mostly regularly churned up grass with hardly any trees.

    Meat consumption also has some serious positives for people’s health. Food animals can be moved in times of drought, but I’ve never seen anyone move a wheat crop or an orange grove.

  21. Lorikeet,
    Breeding farms, training centers…these work to check development and help shore up economies in rural areas. And meat in very moderate doses is not unhealthy. But humans consume much more than is positive from a dietary standpoint. When humans consume meat they do it primarily for pleasure. But don’t misunderstand me, I recognize our right to do that. And I see horse racing as one of the most mild forms of animal exploitation. And my point is, if you argue against it to be intellectually honest you have argue against all animal exploitation,
    Look at the comments of people like Claire and Naomi….they’re frightening. And shrill, uninformed, extremist voices like theirs are having much too much impact on this debate.

  22. KYLE.
    There`s nothing particularly frightening about Claire`s comment. It`s true.
    It is exploitation. Pure and simple.Horse racing isn`t a warm and fuzzy sport. Its about making money. Not cuddling horses, treating them with respect or making sure they all go to happy caring homes when their racing days are over.

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