Jack Evans: Another Democrat obituary

News has come through that Jack Evans, a pivotal person in the founding and development of the Australian Democrats, has died at the age of 80.

I’ve previously written about other former Democrats when they have passed away, namely Sid Spindler, and Don Chipp.  Whilst its dangerous to single people out, Sid, Don and Jack were amongst the most crucial people in getting the Democrats established and functional.  Certainly when it comes to Western Australia, there is no other person who played a more fundamental role during the life of the Democrats in that state, from the frantic early days, slowly building the party to a significant political force, in some very difficult days rebuilding the party in the west after some major infighting in the early 1990s – with the party ultimately reaching its strongest ever point in 1998 – and again in the even harder and ultimately unsuccessful period where the party was struggling for parliamentary and political survival.

I’ve written a detailed piece about Jack Evans’ contribution to the Democrats, spanning virtually the entire life of the party, at my blog at Crikey. This of course was only one part of his long and varied life, but it’s the only part I feel qualified to write about.

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  1. Can’t say much.I feel I am a embarassment to some,because essentially Don Chipp was good at the Bludger word.Remember Jack Evans sounding intelligent about something ,but,just vaguely.I find Garrett as a cosmic event,more gas than an a” Wow” response.A lot of the years of the Democrats existence ,I was completely lost to it.Hoping an Education policy would come through that would be somewhat cheaper,but, inspiring to just study for formal qualifications. Daggers to the ALP and Libs on that.I notice windbag Balmain boy Keating getting more photo oppurtunities and opinion sloushing in the Sydney Morning Herald lately,like that paper often,all some strange style,with a point I just cannot quite understand.Its like high heels and stilletto Revisionism,to replace the already well felt shock that Australia as human individuals are let down by Government and Media regularly and intrinsically.The ALP relying on its Granddads and Uncles at every election,eg., Hawke, Whitlam Harvey Wallbanger, Clint Funt whoever, contrasts with the Libs,and other Parties.Imagine Garrett as older Uncle in the Future,a fate Andrew,I don’t relish,I suspect,you maybe too polite to say anything! Rest in Peace Jack.

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