Into the second week of campaigning

I’ve had a piece published at Online Opinion where I give some of my impressions of the first week of the campaign. Obviously, this is the first federal election I’ve contested with the Greens, but it is the eighth I’ve been involved with as either a campaign organiser or a candidate – always of course from the perspective of a ‘third party’ trying to convince voters to reduce the two party stranglehold on our political system.

I am seeing a lot of energy and enthusiasm for the Greens at this election. I’d have to go back to the mid-90s for a comparable campaign for the Democrats. However, it is always very difficult to judge how that sort of enthusiasm will translate when it comes to votes on election day.

Speaking of third parties, readers may also be interested in listening to this interview from ABC Qld Local Radio from last week. ABC Local Radio in Queensland is having a regular segment during the campaign every Thursday at 8:10pm where they will
talk with candidates from the Greens, Family First and the DLP. The Greens Senate candidate, Larissa Waters, will be doing most of them, but I filled in for her on this occasion. Regular long-time readers of this blog might be also interested to know that the DLP person is Tony, a regular commenter on this site – here’s your chance to hear him rather than just read him.

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