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I wrote a couple of months ago about federal Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner’s efforts to develop government participation in blogging. 

To his credit he’s at it again, helping kick off a “Digital Economy Future Directions Blog” tucked away inside the website of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE). 

There have been some useful wider topics raised for those who are interested in digital economy issues, with posts on open access to government information – quite an important principle and topic – and what does the digital economy encompass?

From my fairly brief examination of the comments, it seems that there’s not much two-way communication happening in any of the posts so far. It also looks like quite a lot of people are taking the chance to have a general swipe at the government’s planned compulsory internet filter, which seems to be especially unpopular amongst most so-called ‘netizens’ – rightly in my view.

The blog has prompted a blog of its own, with the Interweb Warrior blog tracking the impact and use of the DBCDE blog and providing general commentary on the digital economy.

MORE: from Jacques Chester at Club Troppo and Robert Merkel at LP.

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