Give Petro a go!

I’ve been pondering the possible makeup of the Malcolm Turnbull’s shadow ministry, likely to be announced tomorrow. With 45 positions from 101 MPs, you think there’d be little trouble getting all the really talented people a spot. But it never works that easily of course. The need to minimise internal unrest probably means there won’t be a huge number of demotions or surprises, even before other factors like factional, regional and party balances are taken into account.

One person who I’d love to see in there – even though I doubt very much it will happen – is Petro Georgiou.  It won’t happen, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t. I expand a bit more on why I reckon this would be a good idea in this piece over on my Crikey blog.

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  1. Yes!I spent some time living in Malvern down the road a bit from the Toorak Tractor estates,where the above mentioned person ploughs or no-tills his fields for the occupation.I also noticed younger Liberals pushing here and there for a shot at the real job.Amazingly over-qualified and combatant,you would think,they could really enjoy themselves in business first,instead of taking over a blue ribbon,and from there strive for the Rudd type job.So even anti-Liberal words have been used against this older man.A true Small l Liberal that amazes many from the fact he is still there.I doubt those non-parliamentary aspirants would like Georgio to be highly considered by Turnbull.!?

  2. Unfortunately I think Turnbull will have enough trouble keeping the 41 caucus members who voted against him in check without enraging them by giving poor old Petro a go!

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