From my 4ZzZ show this week: More on wikileaks, anarchy in the UK and banks + my Brisband of the week

You can listen to this week’s radio chat with Peter Black by going to this link.  This week we devote a lot of time to the evolving wikileaks saga, plus the London riots, banking reform, Google’s 2010 zeitgeist, and more bitching about Australia’s cricket selectors.

For my Brisbane band of the week, I’ll nominate Butcher Birds. They don’t have anything new out – I just think they’re a great band who are very exponents of their genre. Plus they are playing a free gig this Friday at the X & Y Bar. And they’re currently seeking donations to record and release a good ol’ fashioned seven inch vinyl record, so if you like the idea of hearing new stuff from Butcher Birds, go to this site and donate!

While I’m mentioning 4ZzZ, voting has opened for their annual Hot 100 songs of the year – the longest running radio survey/compilation of its type in Australia. If you’re a 4ZzZ listener, go to their website and vote.

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