Finland Rocks

The Democrats National Conference finished on Sunday afternoon and I got into Canberra last night with a whole flock of other people coming to town for the week’s House of Reps sittings and Senate Estimates Committee hearings.

I got to my room in time to see the last third of the Eurovision song contest. I never used to follow this, but in the last few years I’ve turned into a fan, particularly due to the urgings of a friend. I turned the television on just in time to see the performance of Lordi, the fabulously over-the-top monster rock band from Finland. They were so different from the usual Eurovision fare that I immediately thought they’d either come first or last. As it turned out, they came first by a long way, meaning next year’s contest will be held in Helsinki, where the sun shines almost all day long around this time of year.

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  1. Hadn’t thought of that John. I don’t know a great deal about Finland. It usually makes me think of a very lame Monty Python song, plus things like ice, midnight sun, a female President and renewable energy. Now I can also think of an over-the-top metal band in monster costumes.

    I did look a bit at their asylum seeker policies a few years ago when I briefly visted some other countries in the region, although I focused a lot more on Sweden.

  2. Lordi are brilliant, and there are lot of really good metal bands from Finland such as Nightwish, HIM, Sonata Arctica, Apocalyptica, Amorphis, and Children of Bodom. It’s great to see someone completely different win Eurovision, instead of the more typical Abba-inspired acts.

  3. Proof that Gen X are taking over the world! A send up of everything Eurovision has stood for. But, I have to say, the six Lithuanian Guys singing “we are the winners, of Eurovision, VOTE!” has much to reccomend it.

  4. Lithuania were the winners of our party’s popular vote, but Finland did come second.

    Always lots of fun the Eurovision.

  5. Yes, the monsters were great! The song was actually entertaining too!

    You know, I’m a bit of a fracophile, but how hideously boring was the French ballad? I think the French entry needs to be Algerian style, Arabic speaking or something. Maybe Jane Birkin!

    Love you all.

  6. I wonder whether Eurovision will become Easteneurovision. Many of the western Europe nations that used to participate in the 50’s 60’s and 70’s don’t participate anymore or treat it a s abit of a joke.

    Italy hasn’t entered since 1997 and Austria did not bother this year either.

  7. I wrote to SBS suggesting a modest plan for an Asian-vision Song Contest, a simple 10-15 country contest with an act supplied by each country’s state broadcaster and funded by the proceeds of the telephone voting (I suggested Telstra would be up for it).

    They replied that they couldn’t afford it!

    How great would an Asian-vision Song Contest be, with countries like Australia, Fiji, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, PNG, etc. So wildly uneven, so apallingly parochial, so very entertaining…

  8. Dodgyville, you’re not the first to think the same thing.

    But if you think Europop’s bad, wait until you hear what passes for pop music throughout much of Asia…for instance, can anybody imagine the distorted echo of Perry Como the Singaporeans would inflict on us?

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