Fiji & Free speech

Continuing with the theme of free speech, the situation in Fiji seems to be getting worse – hopefully that is just the pathway to things getting better. A report today quotes the military as warning that anyone who speaks out against the nation’s new army leadership will be taken in for questioning. This follows on from attempts last week to censor media coverage – something the military seems to have since backed away from to some extent.

Have a look at this page by Dr Mark Hayes on Webdiary for a detailed review of last week’s event, which has a huge number of links to different stories and local information sources, including this local blog – Ms. Vakaivosavosa’s Blog. The role of NGOs in resisting the coup may turn out to be quite important. This statement from the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement is just one example.

Continuing updates can also be seen on these sites:
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There were reasons to be concerned about aspects of the deposed government, but the coup crew weren’t squeaky clean either (and are obviously much less so now). It’s hard to see how this will be good for Fiji or the wider Pacific region in the short-term.

Elsewhere: Some commentary on the Fiji situation at Leftwrites.

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