Our entire campaign has been run on a fraction of the budget of the other parties – we don’t accept corporate donations and we’re not bankrolled by coal magnates, all our funds come directly from people like you. You’ve kept our office doors open and the lights on, you’ve paid for our flyers and posters and How-To-Votes.
Even though it’s late in the campaign we still need more funds. Since the Queensland Greens started threatening to take Lower House Seats from the major parties, we have seen more vandalism of our yard signs than ever before – we recently had several sites defaced with swastikas in Albion and Clayfield and more ripped down in Paddington. These attacks will not stop us, but replacing the signs cost money and time.
This campaign is going to go right down to the wire. We’ve knocked on over twenty thousand doors and we plan to knock on 10 thousand more before May 18th. This seat will be determined by hundreds, not thousands of votes and with extra dollars we can afford social media advertising, more posters, more letters and more organisers for this final stretch.
If you have the capacity, please donate. Brisbane is our best opportunity to make the dramatic changes we need to tackle climate change, inequality and the undermining of our democracy through corporate donations and backroom deals.